Pumpkin spice and everything nice!

From the kitchen of my Aunt Julie comes one of my favorite fall recipes! These quick and easy pumpkin spice muffins are great for a cool morning with a cup of your favorite coffee. Literally one of the easiest muffins I have made that didn’t come from a bag and ask for milk to be added! Give it a try, I promise you won’t regret it.
These muffins require the following ingredients :
A box of Duncan Hines spice cake mix
A regular sized can of pumpkin

Dump the two ingredients into a bowl and mix together, try to eliminate as many of the clumps as possible. Spoon mix into a muffin tin. This mixture usually makes about 18 regular sized muffins or you can lump it all in to 12 larger muffins.

Place in oven at 350 for 18 minutes, a little longer if you only made 12 muffins. (I would say about 20 minutes)

Let cool and cover, if you won’t eat them all they freeze really well, they are super moist so they tend to mold very quickly, if you are making them for only yourself, I definitely recommend the freezing option. Wrap them in a paper¬† towels and then place them in a ziploc bag inside the freezer, for next time you need them!

These muffins are great for a holiday morning, they are so easy and because they are super moist they reheat in the microwave really well, so you can cook them the night before. We took these to Thanksgiving to eat that morning so everyone could have a light breakfast and they were a hit! Although, they tend to be a little deceiving, to be such small muffins, they are very filling. These are high in fiber, low in calories, and 100% delicious! I definitely recommend them to anyone who loves pumpkin! Give it a try they are easy and taste great! Happy cooking!


Forever Lazy

I don’t know if you have ever seen this commercial, but it has to be one of the most RIDICULOUS things I have ever seen. This fleece onezie is literally like a snuggie on steroids…

I was astonished the first time I saw this commercial. I literally could not believe what I was seeing, and then they showed me the butt flap in case you need to go while your wearing it… WHAT?! Not real. I refuse to believe that there is a market for such an item. Its straight embarrassing, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share this with you. It made this gloomy and cold day a little more comical. I mean I guess I would be less cold if I were wearing a forever lazy… brrrr!

Perfect parody, my thoughts exactly.

Holiday Hiatus

Hello dear friends! Sorry I have been M.I.A over the past week. I had to appropriately celebrate America’s favorite holiday, which resulted in an epic turkey coma and several comical events, which I will detail below. I hope you and yours had a filling, delicious, and wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!
Tuesday…. after my 5pm test (yes, someone was cruel enough to hold students in town until after 5pm the day break starts) I hit the road for one of many treks I would make over break. I stopped to have dinner with a friend in Greenville at Brixx, which was delicious. They literally have every kind of pizza you could imagine. We had a veggie pizza and then an asian infused pizza with sweet and sour chicken on it. SO GOOD…..this was the start of my extended food coma. Clearly I acknowledged no healthy eating habits over break. My first stop was Charlotte to stay with the boy because we would be attending both family Thanksgivings…. in one day (another poor life choice, so much food). In trying to be nice, I ran errands, bought groceries for the things we were resoponsible for bringing to dinner and helped clean his apartment before we left to go out of town. In attempting to clean I thing I did more harm than good and managed to overflow the dishwasher with soap. There was no dish washing detergent in the apartment, so in my infinite wisdom I put juuuuuuust a little bit of liquid soap, in attempts to avoid washing the dishes by hand.Epic fail. The results were as follows:

  • Dishwasher bubbled over
  • Kitchen flooded
  • dishes still dirty

As a result of trying to save myself from having to hand wash dishes, where I could have controlled the foaming of the bubbles, I ended up tripling my amount of work. I had to scoop most of the bubbles out of the dishwasher as I tested every setting to find the portion of the cycle that was responsible for sucking the liquid out of the dish washer. Its drying, by the way, if you you ever find yourself in this situation. Then I had to hand wash and dry all the dishes and then wash all the soapy stuff out of the dishwasher so next time David uses it, it will not soap up the kitchen… again. This is the picture I sent him following a text message that read “I may or may not have flooded the kitchen with bubbles…. I’m fixing it. Don’t be mad :)” He obviously thought the idea of me scrubbing the entire kitchen was utterly hilarious….as did his Dad when David told him what I did, a story repeated over and over during our holiday festivities. This makes me seem much less qualified in the kitchen than I actually am, oh well.

For the actual Thanksgiving meal…which I consumed two of, we had everything you could think of. David had this great new stuffing recipe, much better than stove top or any other kind I have had recently, his mom made the most delicious sweet potato casserole EVER and there was green bean casserole corn, and of course turkey… and that was just at meal one. Now multiple the food by two and mix in my rambunctious family and you get Thanksgiving in NA. Complete with my great grandfather removing his hearing aid so as to not be annoyed by the loud noise of family bonding. My Nana assigned seats, as usual, which created a backlash among the family, again, as usual, until we all got our way and sat where we wanted. And the culmination was my grandmothers anger at everyone’s refusal to say an extended eloquent grace on the spot, as is the case everytime we eat together. Needless to say, my solution of shouting out “God is great” was NOT the solution she desired, but there we stood, hand in hand, saying the most elementary of prayers before our Thanksgiving feast.
Clearly a result of my food coma, my sister, David and I decided it would be in our best interest to go buy a new TV on black Friday. This was a lie. We stayed up until 1:30am thinking that by then the midnight crowds must have died down a little… again a lie. As we pulled up to Best Buy the line was still literally wrapped around the building, causing me to sacrifice many hours of post Thanksgiving sleep for nothing, only to return to the store during the day Friday to retrieve said TV. We spent Friday decorating my parents entire house for Christmas and then against my better judgment went back to my Nanas to help polish off the left over Thanksgiving food. I literally wanted to die from the thought of consuming my third Thanksgiving-like meal in 2 days, when the average person eats one every year.
Saturday we headed back to Charlotte to set up the new TV in time to watch the Clemson Carolina game, which I will refrain from commenting on. I would just like to say that the entire performance was a big foops on the part of our team. Sunday evenning before my return to the real world Monday David and I went with his parents to the Lights at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. This $20 experience is one I am sure I will never forget, you actually got to drive your vehicle on the track, which seemed to me to be utterly ridiculous. They had a makeshift “Bethlehem” complete with Joseph, who was apparently texting his family to tell them the savior had been born. The baby Jesus was a small plastic doll, wearing modern-ish clothing…. not wrapped in cloth lying in a manger…. as the bible clearly states. and the soldiers were wearing basketball shorts and rainbows and helmets. But the donkeys were real, so that was special. There was also a Bazaar where you could buy Christmas crafts and gifts. I debated for a moment of picking up this little gem for someone as a gag gift and then realized that I would not pay any amount of money for it when I could capture it in all of its glory on my cell phone.
David’s dad says that he believes the entire experience was very targeted to a specific audience of people who potentially live in mobile homes and wear jorts. Truth. I must say, for the amount of advertising they did and the amount of money I am sure the Charlotte motorspeedway has, I cannot understand WHY the light displays were so shotty and unimpressive, alas, thats $20 and an hour I can never have back, but it was surely an experience.

Even if your holiday wasn’t as eventful, I hope it was one full of memories and awesomeness. Until next time, my friends.

Winter Wonders…

This may be a post out of sheer rage and desperation regarding the lack of use my wonderful winter wardrobe full of pea cots and scarves is getting, due solely to the fact that a warm front has caused it to be a stifling and muggy 70+ outside the past few days. Maybe mother nature has finally hit her menopausal hot flashes, but I can’t deal. Its almost Thanksgiving and I am wearing running shorts and t-shirts. The saddest part of this weather induced depression is that I am solely upset by my inability to take advantage of my obsession with pea coats and scarves for the maximum amount of time. I seriously own at least 6 or 7 different winter coats and more scarves than should be allowed to any human ever and despite the inppropriately warm weather I continue to buy them. I obviously have a problem, other than the weather, and that would be my continuous purchasing of said winter wear, despite the fact that I live in South Carolina, and lets face it, we rarely see the winter that elicits the type of winter wardrobe I have acquired. Clearly I need to move somewhere that my fabulous taste for outwear will be better appreciated. Or just go on a shit ton of vacations to colder climates, either of these I am open to. But honestly…. how can you not outright love… or at least secretly like all these winter coats?!?

1. Its bright and cheerful, so even on a drab, damp winter day you can lift your spirits with this super cute jacket. I also really like the neck line, because I love anything that remotely resembles a bow, I think it makes anything about 5 times more fabulous.
2. Patterned jackets, enough said. This jacket its the perfect way to spice up your work wear. You can pair it with simple staple pieces and it will add that perfect, professional pop on your way into the office.
3. eeh, not my favorite, but I also don’t like to feel like I am CHOKING. I guess if you fold the collar down you could make it work, but I really like the buttons and the length of this coat. Cute for someone else, maybe not for me.
4. Now this is my kind of gray coat. I love the double buttons and that its a little more A-line. I think it has great details and its a little longer, which makes it great for defense against the winter wind.
5. Again, choking, but I love the color and the buttons. So there’s that.
6. OBSESSED. Great winter white. The belt is perfect, its not too high cut, again I don’t like choking, and its a good length, not too long so you wont look like a sketcher, and not too short that it becomes casual. Faaaaantastic!

See, with options like these, how can you not be crying out for winter weather to finally come?! I NEED to share my collection of wonderful winter weather accessories with the world and mother nature is cramping my style. Depressing! At least I have a trip to NYC to look forward too. I wonder how many coats I can fit in my bag?!? One for every day?!?!

Movement Monday’s – Style

Hello dance fiends. Welcome back to Movement Mondays, where we will, once again, explore the epicness of choreography and expressive movement. Today’s post is a lesson in stylized movement. The video I am posting is by one of my favorites to stalk on youtube, Ms. Erica Sobol who is with out a doubt, one of the most intricate choreographers I have ever seen, and I love it! The choreography is to “from the ground up” by sleeping at last. This is her most recent post, it features three back to back clips of individuals doing the same piece of choreography, but they are all outrageously different, and super expressive and wonderful. Here is your lesson in style, watch and learn, but mostly be amaaaazed!

So, to break it down dancer by dancer:
#1: I love her fluidity of movement, despite the rigidity of the choreography. Her suspension and use of the music is awesome. She still gets all the hits in the choreography, but she doesn’t leave any beat undanced, and I love that. You can tell that she is stretching and fill the space and time with everything she has, and those are the best performers to watch.

#2: I love how quirky this one is. I keep waiting to not like it, but I can’t stop watching him. He just adds his own flair and it might not be your favorite, but you have to admit its great to watch. Hes a great mix between suspension and choppy movement, so I think it keeps it really interesting. He took the time to make the choreography his own and adapt it to his style of movement with out changing the overall feeling or performance quality of the original movement, which is kind of hard to do.

3#: The perfect example of short staccato movement. Its super jerky, but it works for him, and he runs with it. Throughout the entire piece of choreography he is able to take what should be fluid movements used to have great moments of resistance in their suspension and instead he hits the shape hard and almost freezes in the air before moving on to the next one. I like it.

I think style is one of the most important things that a dancer can bring to the table. Most professional dancers come from the same technique training, can do the same tricks, are outrageously flexible, and can do 20 turns in a row. What sets a phenomenal performer apart from a top notch technician is their performance quality, which is increased by the style they bring to their movement. While I am always astonished by someones ability to balance for long periods of time or do 25 2nds in a row I would much rather be moved by the performance you lay out on the stage, because at the end of the day, I’m going to be more inspired to get up and dance because of it. So, what are you waiting for? Get moving, and BE PHENOMENAL!

Clemson Fall Crawl

I obviously had to leave my mark in DT. Apart from my epic shenanigans at Fall Crawl, I decided it was in the best interest to sign a bar… So in my infinite wisdom I signed the table at TTT, where I am relatively positive you are indeed NOT suppose to write on the tables. Foops. Here’ to fall crawl 2011, what a way to go out.

First of all, to the individual who first created the bar crawl: to you we are eternally grateful. Clemson’s third annual fall crawl was nothing short of an epic success, at least on my end. I was so distracted by other happenings I didn’t even have the opportunity to be distracted by the more than depressing outcome of yesterday’s game. The day got off to a late start as the result of some unneeded traffic delays for our out of town friends, not to worry, a few pitchers how our group of bar crawlers from zero to hero in a matter of 30 minutes. The concept of allowing day drinking at lower prices is genius, I mean honestly, how can we resist?

Needless to say several laughs, drinks, shots, and bad decisions (on the part of some members of our group….not calling anyone out, you know who you are ) we ended the night with an epic karaoke performance at TDs, where I am more than sure our lack of vocal ability created quite the show stopper. I would like to point out that of the bad performances that we were not where near close to the top. Some people picked very well known songs that they did not know the words to…. or the tune for that matter. obviously in this setting the correct solution is to scream the song, as loud as possible, over the 10 giant speakers to help them get back on beat….not helpful. However, not to brag, I did discover that I know many a song lyric, soooo I have that going for me. I don’t understand why it is a good idea to go to a bar and give drunk people microphones and ask them to recreate their favorite musical acts, nothing about that can end well, and the only ones worth watching are the people who suck. Nothing makes me more angry than when some pehnom singer gets on stage trying to show off… I LITERALLY want to boo you OUT of the bar. If you want to perform be in a musical or join the chorus….karaoke at a bar is NOT the right venue. Best performance of the night…. some girl comepletely disregarding the lyrics to the song and dropping some SICK free style that went perfectly with the song she was singing. I want to be her. She is my idol. After my debut karaoke performance (and about 8 hours at fall crawl) I decided it was in the best interest of the rest of the world that i retire from my fall crawl duties. Nothing is more wonderful than when your head hits a pillow after such an event. Although,¬† I will say that the declicious cheese tots I made in my oven last night after being picked up from DT Clemson were probably the most wonderful thing ever! Obviously only one thing can be deduced from the above stated testimony: Fall Crawl 2011 was an epic success.

Movin’ on up.

So, since I am rapidly approaching my head on collision with the real world… in about a month, I have decided that I would start finding things that will be must have staple purchases once I get a steady pay check. You know, just practicing spending my money before I actually make it…. or even have a job, for that matter. foops. However, I know for a fact that a replacement is in order for my new favorite pair of ballet flats.

These are literally the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned… primarily because when I wear them I feel like I have no shoes on. They were like $20 at Target a few years ago and as you can tell they have been through hell an high water. They are dirty and gross and the soles are literally falling off, so basically I look like a hobo when I wear them, which is everyday. I have decided that replacing these shoes with just the right pair is of the utmost importance when I get a job. I mean they are such a staple in my wardrobe AND just a statement, my boyfriend also dislikes them so it amuses me to wear them around him sometimes, although he tries to discourage it. Really I am just trying to make him become more accepting of animal prints… because I like them. Therefore I have decided the only way to replace these shoes is to move up in both style, quality, and of course cost. Which is why I am going to need a pair of animal print Tory Burch flats ASAP! I just cant decide which pair.
I love these flats because lets be honest… If I am paying $200 for a pair of shoes, I am going to need for everyone to know they are Tory Burch. These Cheetah Reva Ballet Flats are super cute and they look much more classy and professional than my current flats, which are literally about to disintegrate off my feet the next time I wear them, especially if it rains… or I am down town in puddles of other peoples spilled drinks. ugh.

This second pair of flats is most similar to my previous shoes, which I was obviously in love with. Hence the pressing need to find a replacement for them. These Leopard Eddie Ballet Flats are the cheapest of the three pairs, but still I really like the big medallion on the front of the shoe, I feel like it screams Tory Burch, as it should. Tough choices… what to do, what to do?

This third pair is not usually my style, but I actually really like them a lot. My opinion may be swayed solely because they are leopard print, obviously I have a problem… but who knows! This pair of Kendrick Haircalf Drivers are also a big contender in the choice for a replacement shoe. Despite the fact that they look like something my Nana might wear, I think they would be really good for a casual day at the office with dark denim or casual dress pants. The obvious draw back is that i can never wear these shoes with a dress or a skirt, which is kind of a waste… but then again they could be great for other reasons.

Regardless of which pair I decide, I know I will love them, primarily because they will be representative of the new things I will be doing in my life and I will obviously be looking stylish in the office. So, when I am rakin in the dough and can afford these shoes, I will let all of you know, trust me I am sure they will have a post all their own. Shoot maybe I will buy the cheap leopard ones and then the drivers in another color and then the traditional Tory flat in a third. HA. That will be a few years into my career, but none the less I need to feed my shoe addiction and replace these shoes STAT before I walk through the soles. Also…. Tory Burch is a Theta, just like me, which means I was destined to have these flats… right?!?!

Trash to treasure!

In feeding my addiction to pinterest I decided to test out one of the easy crafts I saw on the website. I made this well decor for my friend Katy to brighten up her cubical at work… so she is forced to think about me every day, even when I am not blowing up her gchat from boredom during my classes! The hardest part of this craft project was picking the paint color… and of course collecting the supplies.

All you need is a few toilet paper or paper towel rolls, some scissors and paint. Make sure you take all the crap off of the rolls so it doesn’t gank up your paint and make it look like you lack skills. Snip the rolls into strips. I made about 4 pieces per toilet paper roll. Then I painted them. I wanted it to look like the colors were fading into each other, I am not sure I exactly achieved the effect I was looking for, but I like the way this looks anyways, so it doesn’t matter! I painted the middle 5 rolls white, then then mixed the outside color with white and painted the second ring of 15 with that and the third was a darker green color. I love this project for several reasons. 1. It was pretty much free. I already purchased the toilet paper for another purpose 2. I was able to use something that would normally be thrown away to make a cool piece of wall decor 3. I love that it is doubly green, I recycled the pieces and its actually green, which I love! haha So, be a creeper like me and collect toilet paper rolls from your roomies and get to crafting!

Hummus Harmony!

Try this spin to shake up your tuna salad! Replace the mayo with your favorite hummus and add some fresh tomatoes and pickles. Its undeniably wonderful, and way more healthy than the alternative. Ingredients:
1 can of light chunk tuna
1 spoon full of humus (flavor of choice – I like the roasted red pepper, it gives it a little kick!)
a handful of diced tomatoes
a handful of diced sweet pickles (or substitute for pre-made pickle relish)

Throw everything in a bowl and mix it together. Couldn’t get an easier. This is a great quick luck, you can eat it on a sandwich ( I personally love sandwiches so I typically do that), or you can eat it as a salad or put it in the fridge and use it as a dip for some pita chips throughout the day. This is super easy, super cheap, and harmoniously delicious. Enjoy!

10 Stages.

I take no credit in the writing of this post other than the first few sentences. I found this on my friends Gmail status and it spoke to my comedic senses, so I thought I would share it with all you other shocked Clemson fans, still trying to grasp how one game can take your body through so many emotions in such a short period of time…. I believe Mr. WildBillfromSissonville (whoever he is) has explained it quite perfectly, so now I am sharing it with you, I agree with 98%… the two remaining percent involve the rally cats, and you know how I feel about the rally cats….. but don’t worry, I struck it from the record so I could become closer to 100% acceptance. If you were at or watched the game and have any experience in Clemson athletics or Clemson Football you will understand this completely, if not, congratulations, here is your day off!

The Ten Stages of Witnessing the Clemson-Wake Forrest Game:

1. Shock
This occurred after the WF punt return for a touchdown to tie up the score at 14-all. I admit I was shocked that we didn’t come out and take control of the game in the 3rd Quarter, but not nearly as shocked that Tiger Band actually played a halftime song I have heard of before.

2. Emotional Release
I can pinpoint this stage to the first WF rushing TD to go up 21-14. After the mystery AE fumble that nobody (even the WF defense) realized was a fumble, I experienced my moment of emotional release by letting the ACC officials know that their mothers were unmarried women at the time of their birth..and that they worked for John Swofford…and John Swofford sucks.

3. Depression, Loneliness, and Utter Isolation
My “no help for me” moment hit after WF scored to go up 28-14. This was the time I realized that, if Clemson lost, our only hopes rested with Maryland defeating Wake. This also coincides with the first time I have actually wished Maryland didn’t fire Ralph Friedgen for Randy Edsall.

4. Physical Symptoms of Distress
Sunburn, Dehydration, Headache…all signs of a Clemson noon game that comes down to the wire. The combination of the above symptoms caused me to pee my pants and forget where I was for a good solid half-hour, and as a result miss one of my favorite parts of the game…the 4th quarter rally cat dance.

5. Panic
Stage 5 struck when I realized Clemson was gonna go for it on 4th & inches with an offensive line that has spent the past 3-4 years being coached by Brad Scott.

6. Guilt Feelings
At this point the guilt began to set in…no way I was going to be able to find any Wake Forest fans to sell those ACC championship tickets too. That wasted money could have went to a much better use, like feeding the poor, or paying Tommy Bowden’s buyout.

7. Hostility
Much like the defense, I decided to take my hostility out on the Wake Forest offense. Only instead of hitting their QB or deflecting passes, I yelled as loud as I humanly could (many times with the Ric Flair “Wooooooo”)…only increasing the effects of Stage 4.

8. Inability to Renew Normal Activities
This is what my heart did after Cat-man missed his first FG in the 4th quarter. This was the point when flashbacks of Auburn 2010 and Maryland 2007 began to creep into my mind.

9. Gradual Overcoming of Grief
After Cat-man redeemed himself with the game winning field goal, the gradual recovering process of Stage 9 could now begin. Little by little my emotional balance could start to return, and I could open my eyes after closing them during the entire last FG.

10. Readjustment to the New Realities
Clemson didn’t lose a close game. Cat-man came through in the clutch. They will make the ACC championship game. This team plays with determination. The ACC refs called a fair and balanced game…well maybe not everything was new.