Beginning of the end.

Yesterday I sat down to fill out my calender with all the things I have to do this month. Since it was half way through the month I thought I would be productive and go ahead and map out as much as I could, through the semester, starting with this Sunday. I am sure you can imagine my depression when I realized that my remaining time at Clemson could be summarized, IN WHOLE, by  one square foot of dry erase calender space. Snaps to me for be productive and organized, but talk about something that will really put a damper on your spirits. Although, I am super excited about what is to come, where I am headed, and the opportunities that are sure to arise. Stay tuned here for what is sure to be an adventure with some great stories, lots of crafts, and new recipes I will be trying along the way to adulthood and my first happenings in the real world.


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