Where the Blue Ridge Yawns its Greatness.

College football, tailgating, and Clemson University. What could be more southern, more perfect on any given Saturday in the fall? When the team you have come to known and love comes out of nowhere with their “shock the world tour” and “one team one dream” efforts to put themselves on the map as a real contender in the National Championship conversations, its sure to be a wild ride, especially as a student celebrating their last football season with Clemson University. Yesterday was the last home game, the end of a era…. for me at least, and it was predicted to be a relatively easy win for Clemson. Clearly knowing the students had been missing the nail biting games from seasons past, the team must have rallied together to give us a game that was nothing short of heart attack inducing at every snap of the ball. As a student, and somewhat of a Clemson football addict (as far as the tailgating and atmosphere, not necessarily understanding the game rules and actions…. as I believe a majority of females do not, but only pretend to…which irks me) nothing is more exciting than a Saturday home football game (even if it is a noon, and the Grocery store is out of Andre). Imagine my joy and surprise when we clenched the victory in the last seven seconds with a field goal attempt…. after having missed one just moments before. It was one of those moments when you literally couldn’t watch…and couldn’t tear your eyes away. In the words of Offensive Coordinator Chad Morris “Snap.BOOM! Cheers.”

Field goal: Made. ACC Atlantic: Clenched. Field: RUSHED.
*Photo courtesy of….someone in the upper deck that I am friends with on FB!

The best way to end your run in the student section in Death Valley is surely a celebration and singing of the Alma Mater on the field with the team and tons of other Clemson faithful. And of course, the trip to the ACC Championship on December 3. Be there or be square!

Until I’m an alum…. See Death Valley. It’s been real and its been fun….hell lets deter from the usual and say…. Its definitely been REAL FUN! One team, one dream. World: Shocked. CU in Charlotte!


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