Movement Mondays – Turn to Stone

Welcome to the first installment of Movement Mondays, where I get to share my inner dance and fine arts nerd with all of you. Each Monday I will post a video, picture, etc of a dance or some performing arts piece that moves me… not necessarily in an emotional way, maybe it just makes me want to get up and be awesome, or is funny, or so outrageous that I had to share, or maybe something I am working on, who knows. In any case, the things I say on these posts are by no means popular opinion and certainly not professional opinion, just…my opinion! If I were you I’d go about viewing these posts with no preconceived judgment. Don’t automatically assume that you will hate it because you don’t like dance, or that you will love it because you do. I believe that dance transcends language to break barriers of communication that are unable to be overcome in any other form. It speaks directly to your heart and communicates a simple message through use of technique, beautiful lines, even a simple facial expression and builds a story so big and so wonderful that you can’t help but understand it, even if you try your hardest not to. So, for my first installment, I choose a piece that is probably well known within the dance community. It is a piece from this seasons So You Think You Can Dance featuring Melanie and Marko. This piece was choreographed  by Travis Wall (one of my favorites, so he may make repeat appearances in this blog!) and set to Ingrid Michaelson‘s Turn to Stone. Enjoy!

First of all… just WOW. I love this piece. I think it is so so perfect in so many ways. Their connection is undeniable, their lines are gorgeous, their suspension is out of this world, AND they make it look so easy. If only we could all be as wonderful. I think my favorite moment in the entire piece is right before the music shifts and they zoom in on their faces and you can see their expression change as they move into the HUGE and exciting choreography of the second half. I literally get chill bumps every time! Travis Wall is so talented in his ability to take whimsical movement and combine it with strength and technique to create unspeakably beautiful pieces. I think that this one is no exception. I also love the story line, the close attention paid to the theme, and that it required perfect execution on the part of the dancer in order to be communicated. In order to simulate the stone-like essence of the dance each movement had to be tirelessly sustained and extended. I could literally watch this over and over again. It just makes me happy. And to think, this piece was only performed in the first week of the competition!!! Until next time my friends…dance on!

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