Trash to treasure!

In feeding my addiction to pinterest I decided to test out one of the easy crafts I saw on the website. I made this well decor for my friend Katy to brighten up her cubical at work… so she is forced to think about me every day, even when I am not blowing up her gchat from boredom during my classes! The hardest part of this craft project was picking the paint color… and of course collecting the supplies.

All you need is a few toilet paper or paper towel rolls, some scissors and paint. Make sure you take all the crap off of the rolls so it doesn’t gank up your paint and make it look like you lack skills. Snip the rolls into strips. I made about 4 pieces per toilet paper roll. Then I painted them. I wanted it to look like the colors were fading into each other, I am not sure I exactly achieved the effect I was looking for, but I like the way this looks anyways, so it doesn’t matter! I painted the middle 5 rolls white, then then mixed the outside color with white and painted the second ring of 15 with that and the third was a darker green color. I love this project for several reasons. 1. It was pretty much free. I already purchased the toilet paper for another purpose 2. I was able to use something that would normally be thrown away to make a cool piece of wall decor 3. I love that it is doubly green, I recycled the pieces and its actually green, which I love! haha So, be a creeper like me and collect toilet paper rolls from your roomies and get to crafting!


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