Movin’ on up.

So, since I am rapidly approaching my head on collision with the real world… in about a month, I have decided that I would start finding things that will be must have staple purchases once I get a steady pay check. You know, just practicing spending my money before I actually make it…. or even have a job, for that matter. foops. However, I know for a fact that a replacement is in order for my new favorite pair of ballet flats.

These are literally the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned… primarily because when I wear them I feel like I have no shoes on. They were like $20 at Target a few years ago and as you can tell they have been through hell an high water. They are dirty and gross and the soles are literally falling off, so basically I look like a hobo when I wear them, which is everyday. I have decided that replacing these shoes with just the right pair is of the utmost importance when I get a job. I mean they are such a staple in my wardrobe AND just a statement, my boyfriend also dislikes them so it amuses me to wear them around him sometimes, although he tries to discourage it. Really I am just trying to make him become more accepting of animal prints… because I like them. Therefore I have decided the only way to replace these shoes is to move up in both style, quality, and of course cost. Which is why I am going to need a pair of animal print Tory Burch flats ASAP! I just cant decide which pair.
I love these flats because lets be honest… If I am paying $200 for a pair of shoes, I am going to need for everyone to know they are Tory Burch. These Cheetah Reva Ballet Flats are super cute and they look much more classy and professional than my current flats, which are literally about to disintegrate off my feet the next time I wear them, especially if it rains… or I am down town in puddles of other peoples spilled drinks. ugh.

This second pair of flats is most similar to my previous shoes, which I was obviously in love with. Hence the pressing need to find a replacement for them. These Leopard Eddie Ballet Flats are the cheapest of the three pairs, but still I really like the big medallion on the front of the shoe, I feel like it screams Tory Burch, as it should. Tough choices… what to do, what to do?

This third pair is not usually my style, but I actually really like them a lot. My opinion may be swayed solely because they are leopard print, obviously I have a problem… but who knows! This pair of Kendrick Haircalf Drivers are also a big contender in the choice for a replacement shoe. Despite the fact that they look like something my Nana might wear, I think they would be really good for a casual day at the office with dark denim or casual dress pants. The obvious draw back is that i can never wear these shoes with a dress or a skirt, which is kind of a waste… but then again they could be great for other reasons.

Regardless of which pair I decide, I know I will love them, primarily because they will be representative of the new things I will be doing in my life and I will obviously be looking stylish in the office. So, when I am rakin in the dough and can afford these shoes, I will let all of you know, trust me I am sure they will have a post all their own. Shoot maybe I will buy the cheap leopard ones and then the drivers in another color and then the traditional Tory flat in a third. HA. That will be a few years into my career, but none the less I need to feed my shoe addiction and replace these shoes STAT before I walk through the soles. Also…. Tory Burch is a Theta, just like me, which means I was destined to have these flats… right?!?!


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