Winter Wonders…

This may be a post out of sheer rage and desperation regarding the lack of use my wonderful winter wardrobe full of pea cots and scarves is getting, due solely to the fact that a warm front has caused it to be a stifling and muggy 70+ outside the past few days. Maybe mother nature has finally hit her menopausal hot flashes, but I can’t deal. Its almost Thanksgiving and I am wearing running shorts and t-shirts. The saddest part of this weather induced depression is that I am solely upset by my inability to take advantage of my obsession with pea coats and scarves for the maximum amount of time. I seriously own at least 6 or 7 different winter coats and more scarves than should be allowed to any human ever and despite the inppropriately warm weather I continue to buy them. I obviously have a problem, other than the weather, and that would be my continuous purchasing of said winter wear, despite the fact that I live in South Carolina, and lets face it, we rarely see the winter that elicits the type of winter wardrobe I have acquired. Clearly I need to move somewhere that my fabulous taste for outwear will be better appreciated. Or just go on a shit ton of vacations to colder climates, either of these I am open to. But honestly…. how can you not outright love… or at least secretly like all these winter coats?!?

1. Its bright and cheerful, so even on a drab, damp winter day you can lift your spirits with this super cute jacket. I also really like the neck line, because I love anything that remotely resembles a bow, I think it makes anything about 5 times more fabulous.
2. Patterned jackets, enough said. This jacket its the perfect way to spice up your work wear. You can pair it with simple staple pieces and it will add that perfect, professional pop on your way into the office.
3. eeh, not my favorite, but I also don’t like to feel like I am CHOKING. I guess if you fold the collar down you could make it work, but I really like the buttons and the length of this coat. Cute for someone else, maybe not for me.
4. Now this is my kind of gray coat. I love the double buttons and that its a little more A-line. I think it has great details and its a little longer, which makes it great for defense against the winter wind.
5. Again, choking, but I love the color and the buttons. So there’s that.
6. OBSESSED. Great winter white. The belt is perfect, its not too high cut, again I don’t like choking, and its a good length, not too long so you wont look like a sketcher, and not too short that it becomes casual. Faaaaantastic!

See, with options like these, how can you not be crying out for winter weather to finally come?! I NEED to share my collection of wonderful winter weather accessories with the world and mother nature is cramping my style. Depressing! At least I have a trip to NYC to look forward too. I wonder how many coats I can fit in my bag?!? One for every day?!?!


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