Holiday Hiatus

Hello dear friends! Sorry I have been M.I.A over the past week. I had to appropriately celebrate America’s favorite holiday, which resulted in an epic turkey coma and several comical events, which I will detail below. I hope you and yours had a filling, delicious, and wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!
Tuesday…. after my 5pm test (yes, someone was cruel enough to hold students in town until after 5pm the day break starts) I hit the road for one of many treks I would make over break. I stopped to have dinner with a friend in Greenville at Brixx, which was delicious. They literally have every kind of pizza you could imagine. We had a veggie pizza and then an asian infused pizza with sweet and sour chicken on it. SO GOOD…..this was the start of my extended food coma. Clearly I acknowledged no healthy eating habits over break. My first stop was Charlotte to stay with the boy because we would be attending both family Thanksgivings…. in one day (another poor life choice, so much food). In trying to be nice, I ran errands, bought groceries for the things we were resoponsible for bringing to dinner and helped clean his apartment before we left to go out of town. In attempting to clean I thing I did more harm than good and managed to overflow the dishwasher with soap. There was no dish washing detergent in the apartment, so in my infinite wisdom I put juuuuuuust a little bit of liquid soap, in attempts to avoid washing the dishes by hand.Epic fail. The results were as follows:

  • Dishwasher bubbled over
  • Kitchen flooded
  • dishes still dirty

As a result of trying to save myself from having to hand wash dishes, where I could have controlled the foaming of the bubbles, I ended up tripling my amount of work. I had to scoop most of the bubbles out of the dishwasher as I tested every setting to find the portion of the cycle that was responsible for sucking the liquid out of the dish washer. Its drying, by the way, if you you ever find yourself in this situation. Then I had to hand wash and dry all the dishes and then wash all the soapy stuff out of the dishwasher so next time David uses it, it will not soap up the kitchen… again. This is the picture I sent him following a text message that read “I may or may not have flooded the kitchen with bubbles…. I’m fixing it. Don’t be mad :)” He obviously thought the idea of me scrubbing the entire kitchen was utterly hilarious….as did his Dad when David told him what I did, a story repeated over and over during our holiday festivities. This makes me seem much less qualified in the kitchen than I actually am, oh well.

For the actual Thanksgiving meal…which I consumed two of, we had everything you could think of. David had this great new stuffing recipe, much better than stove top or any other kind I have had recently, his mom made the most delicious sweet potato casserole EVER and there was green bean casserole corn, and of course turkey… and that was just at meal one. Now multiple the food by two and mix in my rambunctious family and you get Thanksgiving in NA. Complete with my great grandfather removing his hearing aid so as to not be annoyed by the loud noise of family bonding. My Nana assigned seats, as usual, which created a backlash among the family, again, as usual, until we all got our way and sat where we wanted. And the culmination was my grandmothers anger at everyone’s refusal to say an extended eloquent grace on the spot, as is the case everytime we eat together. Needless to say, my solution of shouting out “God is great” was NOT the solution she desired, but there we stood, hand in hand, saying the most elementary of prayers before our Thanksgiving feast.
Clearly a result of my food coma, my sister, David and I decided it would be in our best interest to go buy a new TV on black Friday. This was a lie. We stayed up until 1:30am thinking that by then the midnight crowds must have died down a little… again a lie. As we pulled up to Best Buy the line was still literally wrapped around the building, causing me to sacrifice many hours of post Thanksgiving sleep for nothing, only to return to the store during the day Friday to retrieve said TV. We spent Friday decorating my parents entire house for Christmas and then against my better judgment went back to my Nanas to help polish off the left over Thanksgiving food. I literally wanted to die from the thought of consuming my third Thanksgiving-like meal in 2 days, when the average person eats one every year.
Saturday we headed back to Charlotte to set up the new TV in time to watch the Clemson Carolina game, which I will refrain from commenting on. I would just like to say that the entire performance was a big foops on the part of our team. Sunday evenning before my return to the real world Monday David and I went with his parents to the Lights at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. This $20 experience is one I am sure I will never forget, you actually got to drive your vehicle on the track, which seemed to me to be utterly ridiculous. They had a makeshift “Bethlehem” complete with Joseph, who was apparently texting his family to tell them the savior had been born. The baby Jesus was a small plastic doll, wearing modern-ish clothing…. not wrapped in cloth lying in a manger…. as the bible clearly states. and the soldiers were wearing basketball shorts and rainbows and helmets. But the donkeys were real, so that was special. There was also a Bazaar where you could buy Christmas crafts and gifts. I debated for a moment of picking up this little gem for someone as a gag gift and then realized that I would not pay any amount of money for it when I could capture it in all of its glory on my cell phone.
David’s dad says that he believes the entire experience was very targeted to a specific audience of people who potentially live in mobile homes and wear jorts. Truth. I must say, for the amount of advertising they did and the amount of money I am sure the Charlotte motorspeedway has, I cannot understand WHY the light displays were so shotty and unimpressive, alas, thats $20 and an hour I can never have back, but it was surely an experience.

Even if your holiday wasn’t as eventful, I hope it was one full of memories and awesomeness. Until next time, my friends.


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