A Word to the Wise.

Well, its December 1, Which means 22 days until I graduate from college and I am forced to face my fate as an adult in the real world. The reality is I probably think I am ready to be in the next phase of my life, but I am really not, I’m obviously living in a state of denial. Everyone says college is the best years of your life, and they have been, but I am ready for a change of pace at this juncture in my life, although, college was only 4…..and a half years, and it seems that the next phase will be drastically longer than that. So, in preparing for my real world slap in the face, I thought it best to look to some of the worlds most noted and successful professionals via Katie Couric. A precursor to what I am about to say, clearly this post is a little late, but I thought it was fitting for where things are headed. This past spring, hot off the presses, I picked up a copy of The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons from Extraordinary Lives after it was covered on some morning talk show or another that I was watching instead of doing school work.
It was such a great book! I literally finished it in two or three days reading in my spare time. I am a sucker for reading about other people’s lives especially if they have something interesting to say, and all of these people did! Each story was individual to that person’s experiences and their career path or it was just an amazing lesson they learned somewhere in life that they felt was worthy of sharing. It was definitely a slap in the face about where lessons come from, and how they can reach and teach you. In retrospect, I guess it is always easier to see a lesson learned from a hard or weird experience, but this book was a great reminder that everyday has the opportunity to be life changing and that sometimes taking chances and following your heart will land you in the right place… eventually, you might just have to take a detour to get there. I think I will read this again, it kind of spoke to me in the spring, but last night when I couldn’t sleep, I saw it sitting in my bookshelf and thumbed through it for a minute and decided it was now super applicable, and I should read it again. A similar book that I read a few years back was Its a Wonderful Lie: 26 Truths about life in your twenties  a book by Alexandra Robbins and Emily Franklin very much similar to the style of The Best Advice I Ever Got in that the collection of memoirs were written by different acquaintances over the years, and allow you to track the expereinces of several different people.
Talk about a reality check, this book is about overcoming the struggles of life on your own, once you think you have it all figured out and then realize that you don’t. Definitely applicable, kind of a downer, but I am a sucker for anything Alexandra Robbins. I love her writing style and that the messages she presents are based on real people with real struggles. Clearly this sounds like I am a sucker for some kind of sappy self-help book, but I think I am just nosy. I like to read about other people’s lives. I would rather read a biography or a memoir any day than a work of fiction (with the exception of Harry Potter of course, because I like to pretend that is real life!). I highly recommend both of these books. The first to anyone, because its interestingly awesome and inspirational and the second to recent college grads and twenty-somethings that can’t seem to get it together, it will give you proof you aren’t alone! Happy Reading!

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