The Man Tree

This is the man tree
This Christmas, in an attempt to rid my boyfriend of his general dislike of premature Christmas Decorating, I made sure to have a tree at the ready as soon as Thanksgiving, a holiday he believes does not receive enough credit, was over, so as to ensure that he and his apartment could be filled with the joy and jubilation of the Christmas season for over a month. Needless to say he was not thrilled. However, I was able to bring him over to “the dark side” by creating what he viewed as a man tree, bringing the great outdoors and his love for fly fishing to the tree. Needless to say there is no angle on top, no tree skirt, and NOTHING sparkling, other than the few strands of lights we managed to string on the tree. However, after being in the presence of this tree for a few weeks he did share with me, in a rather nonchalant way the other day that “He really liked his tree, it was festive.” Needless to say, if you find yourself with the anti-decoration folk this Christmas, maybe you just need to find another way to reach them. Also, dont tell but he helped to MAKE some of the ornaments… man crafts, what up! The tree includes a simple natural palette of colors, gold, bronze, and green. There are matte and flat balls in these colors and then a set of glass ornaments that HE filled with natural elements like rocks, twine, and moss

And then of course of his beloved trout crafts, and I couldnt resist adding a pinterest craft (The same one featured previously using old toilet paper rolls) except translated into a tree decoration.

I have to say, for such simple ornaments, it looks pretty good, and HE LIKES IT! So its a win win. Now when I come to visit we turn on the holly jolly tree (as I like to call it) and enjoy the festive-ness of the Christmas season, and I know he secretly likes it too…. I imagine next year he will be so excited to put the tree up I will have to keep him from doing so before Thanksgiving. Ok, probably not, but a girl can dream right!


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