12 gifts of Christmas

12 gifts I would be overly thrilled to unwrap on Christmas morning (but probably will not because I forgot to put some of them on my list ha!)

1. Michael Kors Watch

2. Tory Burch Flats (obviously obsessed with these via my previous post)

3. Lilly Pulitzer Phone Cover

4. David Yurman Earrings (not gonna happen!)

5. Michael Kors Wristlet

6. Valentino bag (with a fabulous bow!)

7. Luke’s coffee mug from Gilmore Girls (I don’t know where you can get this, but I know whoever does….will be my best friend!)

8. Hand painted glasses (my new recent obsession. I want to buy these already completed, not have to complete them myself)

9. Hand made bow clutch from Etsy! (another addicting website!)

10.A pair of fabulous pumps

11. BaubleBar silver pave studs

12. Boden Turquoise Moccasins

*disclaimer: sorry if you follow me on pinterest I have probably pinned 80% of these things before! Foops!


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