Cause for Sale-ebrations

Note: Sorry for my extended absence. My life has been a Whirlwind since I came home from school. I hit the road to NYC for a quick trip before graduation (on the 22nd) followed closely by Christmas festivities with both sides of the family and ending with a few days with the boy and his family. And tomorrow… I move out of my college apartment and join the ranks of the unemployed (not for long, if I can help it!) So, stay tuned for what are sure to be comical adventures, delicious meals, and fun crafts to occupy my time. Now onto today’s biggest news:

A sofa has been purchased!!! Which, for those of you who do not know is a landmark event in my boyfriends post grad life. After struggling (and failing repeatedly) to prove the importance of providing enough seating in your home to accommodate your guests, an impulse stop at World Market to check out their post Christmas sales resulted in a “love at first sight” situation with a nice sand brown sofa (thank goodness!).

Although funds had been accumulating for sometime and his parents had even promised to pitch in $100, we still couldn’t make it happen for the first 6 months of his post-grad life. However, thanks to World Market and their OUTRAGEOUS post-Christmas sales, we were able to help him stumble upon the perfect sofa, at a more than perfect price. This end of the year sale boasted some great deals, but one of the best was that all furniture would be on sale until they sold out of their existing stock (awesome!) So he got this $600 sofa for $350! almost 50% off.

So, needless to say, this was appealing to my penny pinching boy. BUT, it gets better! Yesterday morning I got this coupon in my inbox for a secret World Market Explorers (Their rewards program) 3 hour sale, and what kind of girlfriend would I be if I did not encourage such purchases with coupons such as this one.
With the additional 15% off, he got his sofa for $297 and with tax it was about $318. What a steal!!!!! And now I have somewhere to sit when I come to visit. Patience may be a virtue, but functional furniture is invaluable. Thank goodness for ridiculous end of the year sales, and impulse purchases. I just thought this excellent bargain was too good not to share, there must be something to this coupon craze after all, which got me thinking: I wonder what other sales I am haphazardly deleting from my inbox every morning, so I decided to check out all the ones from this week and share them with you. Happy Shopping!

Places like Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic are offering deals on-line and in stores at high percentages off.

Other stores like L.L. Bean are looking to rid their stock of seasonal outerwear (Still a great deal, there are lots of cold months to come!)

   Sephora and World Market are offering additional percentages off their already marked down items

This is for the J.Crew Factory Outlet and discounts are only offered in stores, not online. (Which is a bummer considering the rainy whether, and lack of a outlet stores near my current location)

Victoria Secret is having their Semi-Annual sale (yes!!!!!!)

 New York and Co. is having huge mark downs with some items up to 80% off. Good thing I got lots of Christmas and Graduation cash, looks like these sales and deals will make it go pretty far!


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