A bit of Frosting.

As Christmas gifts, I tend to give a bottle of wine and an ornate wine cork or cute painted ornament or painted wine glass to friends. Things I enjoy or things I know they will use. This year I took to the pinterest boards in the hunt to find another Christmas craft to add to my catalog. I found this simple way to restyle old wine glasses and I thought it would be the perfect accompaniment to a bottle of wine for a Christmas gift. using rubber bands and spray window frosting, I was able to refashion some old wine glasses in about 20 minutes. Heres to how to:

What do you need: plain wine glasses, rubber bands, spray glass frosting (from Walmart, Target, and a variety of craft stores)

First take the glasses and wipe them down making sure there is no dust or dirt on them that will keep the frosting from adhering to the glass. After they are wiped clean add rubber bands around the circumference of the glass (use about 4 or 5 rubber bands per glass) playing with it until you get the pattern that you will be pleased with.
After all the rubber bands have been placed around the glass go to an open area outside and holding the glass upside down by the stem, apply a coat of the window frosting to the glass. One coat will create a pretty thick layer of frosting, so no need to over do it. Make sure to hold off on frosting the glass if it is windy, the frosting will spray up under the rubber bands or run (spoken from experience). After the glass is frost let them sit for about 15 minutes to dry. Touch the stem to ensure that the frosting is dry before removing the rubber bands. If the frosting does not smudge or rub off you can remove the rubber bands to reveal the design! Simple and fabulous, a great and easy gift idea or an awesome way to refurbish your old stem wear.


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