Resolve to Run

In the never ending battle of the bulge faced by many a person these days I have resolved, like many do at the beginning of the year to get in shape in 2012. I have decided that my efforts will not go unnoticed , or unassisted and therefore I will be more successful. (This all makes sense in my mind, sorry if you don’t agree) So, I have decided to do the obvious trim the fat in my diet by drinking only water and green tea (no sodas, limited amounts of coffee, and the ever evil but delicious sweet tea), also limit snacking to fruits and veggies with no dips, and make more conscious healthy meal choices or moderate my bad decisions every once in a while. I will also use SELF magazine workout tips they email out every few days to focus on trouble areas like arms, legs, and tummy in my morning work out…and now for the big guns: I downloaded a program on my iPhone called Run 10k.

I used it for the first time yesterday and it has so many great features so hopefully it will inspire me to continue through the program. The program uses incremental training to help condition your body to run long distances so every week the increments  increase the length of time you run and decrease the length of time you walk for the duration of the 13 week program. Each week you do 3 work outs, each lasting about one hour then,  doing cross training or low impact aerobics on the other days when you don’t run to give your muscles a chance to rest. The program has a great, user-friendly interface that tracks everything you are doing and allows you to put your own playlists into the program to use while you are running.

Each workout contains a 5 minute warm up and a 5 minute cool down. In the bottom right had side of the screen there is an option to pull up a list of good stretches to use during these times, definitely good pointers and tips. At the bottom left-hand side of the screen there is a music tab and this works with your iTunes library to allow you to select your music choice for your workout. After the 5 minute work out you alternate running and walking for specific durations depending on the week of the program. The program has a voice over that comes in over your music and tells you when to walk or run, it also lets you know when you are half way so if you are running on a trial or along the road you know when to head home, and finally there is a clock that keeps track of the time remaining and time completed so you know how long you worked out. After completing the segment the program checks it off (as seen in the first picture) You also have the option to link it to your Facebook or twitter so you can annoy everyone with your fitness and attempts to keep your resolutions. So far the $5 price tag and the nifty features are enough to keep my interest sparked until my next run (Thursday), so I will be sure to keep you posted.


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