Refurbed and Fab.

In an attempt to keep my mind off my never ending hunt for employment, I have been doing some crafting for my future abode, so at least I have something to excite me. Last week I decided I wanted to refurbish an old lamp so I went on the hunt to find something that would work. For $20 I took my lamp from old and gank to refurbed and fab. I found an old wood and brass lamp base at Goodwill for $4 and all the electrical was still in working order. I then went to Hobby Lobby and bought a shade for about $8….which sucked since the base was only $4. After buying the burlap to recover the shade (about a yard of fabric) and the felt for some embellishments, and paint to antique the base, I rounded out at about $20, but still a great price for this lamp!

So, to walk you through it, the first and most important step is to use KILZ to prime the base, you want it to be a solid white coat (I did abut 4 or 5 coats so you couldn’t see the brass or the wood grain of the original lamp base). While this is drying work on recovering the shade. Cut a pattern using wax paper or several pieces of paper put together. Wrap them around the existing shade and trace to get a rough shape so you know how to cut the fabric.  After making the pattern, make sure to add an extra inch to either side so you have enough fabric to wrap around the edges of the share to make it look clean. The shade I bought had an adhesive backing and was made to be recovered, so I didn’t have to use anything to attach it to the shade. After attaching it around the outside of the shade I used fabric glue to attach the folded edges to the inside of the lamp. After it was recovered I used a pattern from Jones Design Company to make the felt flowers. This was much easier than I originally thought! after making the 3 flowers I attached them to the shade with fabric glue. I used 3 sizes so my first flower was the five petal flower described on the JDC website, however the other two each had additional flat flower shapes to cover the larger circle I used, but its a simple fix.

Once the KILZ on the base has dried, I painted the entire base with a cream colored paint, about 2 or 3 coats to make sure it was consistently the same color. To do the antiqued look I used a metallic brown paint and a sponge brush. I dipped the brush in water and then in the paint to make it more runny. After painting the watered down mixture in a section on the base I wiped it off using a paper towel but making sure to leave some of the mixture in the crevices. This will ensure that some areas are darker than others and will really accent the indentions in the base. Coat with a clear acrylic spray if you want to add a protective coat, or leave it the natural paint color. Add a light bulb and attach the shade, and viola! A $20 lamp refurb!


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