The Eternal Craft…..

In my never ending attempts to find ways to entertain myself during my hunt for employment, post-grad, I have been scouring the inter webs to find craft projects that seem easy enough to recreate on my own, but might take a little time. Well, I think I hit the jack pot on this one. The primary purpose of most of my craft projects is to provide objects for my future apartment to cut down on costs for decorating, etc. And to give myself an air of accomplishment when people come visit me….because I made it all (vain I know, but hey, it works!) So… this is another Pinterest inspired craft with instructions from  the Jones Design Company. Its simple enough in concept, but execution is another story.

I decided to make these fluff balls in a neutral color scheme because I am really into that rustic natural look right now, so hopefully that lasts the length of my hunt for employment, because….everything I have crafted fits that color palette. Anywho, here’s a brief summary of how to make these on your own.

1. Styrofoam  floristry ball (size of your choice, remember that adding the liners will increase the circumference, so my largest fluff was made with an 8in base, and is significantly larger than the base.
2. Cup Cake liners in the color of your choice (I used white oversized liners, brown candy liners which were much smaller and gold regular sized liners) You can also use coffee filters, which is probably more cost effective, in hind sight!
3. Scissors
4. Hot glue

You an choose to cover the styrofoam base in the cup cake liners or coffee filters, but I found that this did not change the way the hot glue adhered to the base for the green floral bases, but did for the larger white styrofoam base.
Take one liner or filter and fold it in half three times to make a triangular segment. Then cut the tip of the triangle off, leaving the textured end to attach. Place glue on the flat side that was just created and stick to the base.

Repeat 5 million times….. But seriously. It took me about two weeks to complete this project, primarily because it got so flustered sitting around for hours gluing the cup cake liners to the base that I had to take a few days off to motivate myself to finish the project. But don’t let this discourage you, if you only make one, you have nothing to worry about. 3 was a little over zealous, I will admit it! But they are going to look GREAT when I get to hang them finally! (which is done using ribbon or fishing line attached to the center of the ball!

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