Tortillas on Tuesday!

Today for lunch I made quesadillas and in true fashion when eating this kind of food, I was craving some tortilla chips. My friend mentioned that she used to make her own all the time so, I gave it a whirl! They were delicious, and so easy, they just cooked up in the oven while I cut veggies and made the quesadillas, it was perfect. I used flour tortillas because that is what we had at home, but corn tortillas will work to (for our gluten free friends). The flour tortillas made more of a pita chip, which is fine because I love those, and you could make them to go with chili and all kinds of dips, definitely a perfect tip for you all going in to Super Bowl Sunday!

Tortillas (corn or flour)
Olive oil

Cut the tortillas into triangles or strips, until they are the size you want. Then lightly coat them in olive oil and lightly salt them. Then place them in the oven at 350 for 8-10 minutes. Let them cool for a few minutes and then they are ready to eat! So good, so easy, perfect for snacking and dipping!



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