Movement Monday – Inspired Ideas

This is another great piece by Erica Sobol. I think I have posted some of her pieces before, but check out her youtube channel. She is super talented! This is not only gorgeous choreography  but the video editing is awesome! I love the way that every dancer looks like they are having a special moment just exploring the movement and really just dancing it from somewhere inside, but its all linked together. I have been waiting ALL WEEK to share it with you, so if you don’t at least think it looks cool, shame on you! Also, a life long friend shared it with me on Facebook, she’s my dancing diva friend, she always finds top notch videos (Fancy Manci woo woo)! So, this one is coming to you recommended by two youtube hunters of excellent choreography! Hope this speaks to you, because it should. Its honest, and inspiring. Enjoy!


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