Fake it ’til you make it.

Envious of that $200 tiled Bistro Table at World Market or Pier1? Me too, but don’t worry this isn’t an instructional post about how to cut tiles and spend lots of money, its about making a cheap, semi look-alike knock-off with less than $20 worth of supplies. Yep, just 10% of the cost. This isn’t a super fancy table, you won’t find and wrought iron or glass/ceramic tiles here, but if you’re looking for a cheap fix for a corner or an outside sitting area, this is the craft for you! You only need a few supplies: 1 folding TV tray, 50-60 paint chips, mod podge, wood stain, and clear polyurethane. Trust me, its not as hard as it seems!

So the first step is to collect your paint chips, using a selected color pallet. We decided on rustic neutrals, my Mom is really into Tuscan and this is for the lake house, so I do what she says. I literally went to Lowes 3 or 4 different times to collect paint chips. I was very self-conscious in thinking that they would ask WHY I was taking stacks and stacks of paint chips…. all in the same colors. Then I continued to remind myself that I was going to put them to good use and kids come in there every day and take them and just throw them away… and I will be making a beautiful craft out of them, plus they cost next to nothing to make…. and they are free, so I am allowed!  After collecting all the paint chips trim the top side off with the words on it, make sure you get the chips as close to the same size as possible.

After trimming the edges layout the paint chips to make sure that you have good color distribution, aka so that it looks good. After you lay it out, mod podge one tile at a time onto the table top. Put a light layer of Mod podge on the bottom, place the tile on top and the mod podge over top of it. Continue this… for a few hours until all the tiles are in place and then let them dry. Once the mod podge has dried apply an additional layer of mod podge to the top of the table and let it dry over night.

Next, using the wood stain brush a small amount across the top of the table and wipe some off with a towel. Repeat this until the stain is the color that you want on top of the paint chips, to provide an even color. Let this set over night. Next come back and pain the legs and base another color, I chose black, because I do like the look of a traditional bistro table. After the legs have been painted, seal the entire table with a few coats of clear polyurethane in the finish that you want, I chose a semi gloss, not too dull, not to shiny. So, in a  few short days you can have this fake it till you make it bistro knock off folding table. It will be perfect! Here is a quick picture tutorial, for your reference!


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