Worth Sharing!

This is an excellent response to the negativity and lack of education that occurs regarding lifestyle choices of people in mainstream media. I think Ellen Degeneres is an upstanding and wholesome talk show host and an excellent advocate for embracing your inner beauty! Even if you don’t support equality, regardless of your upbringing, you should be supportive and open to lifestyles that may be different from your own. Snaps to Ellen for staying true to herself and JCPenny for standing by their decision to name her their new spokesperson. Shame on 1 Million Moms for not teaching their children love and compassion for your neighbor, and instead instilling values of hate and ignorance. Check out this video of Ellen speaking to those who try to bring her down. She is so positive and awesome! Love her!


One thought on “Worth Sharing!

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. It’s a shame that there are STILL so many haters. I think Ellen handles this criticism with poise and grace, and HER values speak volumes.

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