Nailed it!

Recently I have become obsessed with nail polish. Its starting to put a dent on my bank account (not a huge one, but $6-$8/bottle really adds up….every time I want to paint my nails) I have decided that every time I want to paint my nails a new color I go to the store and buy it, instead of using a color that already exists in my nail polish collection. OR even worse, the bank account blackhole (also known as target) really makes me drop some cash to increase my polish collection. every time I go there I find myself perusing the polish collection, and the target in Charlotte by the Northlake mall has an EXCESSIVE amount of nail polish in my favorite brands. (Essie and OPI). So, because I am dropping some serious dough in this fashion arena I thought I would show you some of my favorite looks and colors right now.

This is OPI Samoan Sand, I am super into neutrals right now. Super versatile and they show chips and imperfections less, which is key to my ability to maintain my nails. Ya know, a polish that looks maintained when it is not.

More on some neutral shades, I am LOVING grays right now, very winter, and also good to go with lots of different looks, you can dress it up or down and it matches most colors!

This one I would save for some classy event. I love the matte finish and the dark shimmer. Its perfect for a night out.

Love this, also neutral, but more pink… again, can’t get enough neutrals and nudes.

Essie’s Haute as Hello is a fun light pink color, great for spring and summer. This will probably live on my toes this summer, can’t wait.

I have been wearing this a lot recently, its a great winter pink. Kind of dark so it doesn’t look like spring but not so dark that its a heavy color like maroon or purple. Puuuuuuurfection.

And, last but not least, I am obsessed with the glitter nail polish craze! Perfect for going out and represented by my most recent polish purchase this afternoon. This is the same brand I bought today, but I got it in gold. I love the clumpy glitter as opposed to the smaller specs, it makes it look…awesome!

I definitely was an avid polish hater in high school and most of college, I found the thought of painting my nails to be annoying AND I was bad at it, oh and I always thought I looked so weird with polish on my nails. I have been working to amend this thought, maybe that is another reason I am so obsessed with the neutral colors? Who knows. Any who, long live my addiction, and heres to hoping that OPI and Essie stop being $8/bottle in the near future, not likely, but tis the price we pay for beauty.


One thought on “Nailed it!

  1. I definitely feel you on being addicted to polish lately!! I have purchased so many polishes recently, I had to buy a 5-drawer storage unit just to hold my growing collection. Your blog post has made me want that Haute as Hello shade from Essie, too… ahh! So pretty šŸ™‚

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