Give ’em the “bout”

I am in a friends wedding in a few weeks and in order to cut costs we have been making some crafty little things for the ceremony, my favorite of which I just finished up this weekend as a favor to the bride! They are boutonnieres made of buttons and ribbon instead of using and paying for additional florals in the ceremony. In a few easy steps we were able to create these pops of color for all 10 groomsmen and the ring bearer! Here is a glimpse of the final product, and then a picture tutorial follows incase all you brides-to-be feel inspired.

Step 1: group the buttons.
each button pod has a grouping of 3 buttons, with the exception of the smallest ones. The largest goes on bottom, and then they are stacked according to height. Line up the button holes and then give it a quick stitch or two and tie a knot on the back to secure the stack. I used 3 button pods for each boutonniere on small, one medium and one large. I suggest making all of these first before doing anything else. We also made additional to stick inside the bridesmaids flowers.

Step 2: Tie the bows.

To do this I wrapped the ribbon around the width of my had 6 times. I then slid the loop off the top of my hand pinched it in the center and pinned it with a safety pin. After doing this, fan the petals out, starting from the outer most loop. They will only open up about half way while still pinned. Once all the loops are separated un pin the safety pin and using only one loop fan the read of the loops out to make a complete circle. This is the trickiest part. Hold on tight, because if you drop it you have to start over (the voice of experience is telling you it will frustrate you to start over more than 2 or 3 times). Once it is completely fanned out run a quick stitch right through the center, making sure to catch all the ribbon pieces.

Step 3: add the buttons.
After you have created the two parts arrange the buttons how you like on the bed of ribbon and hot glue it to fasten them securely in place. Once you have finished this step attach a safety pin to the back using hot glue and then you’re done!

Pretty simple craft for such a cute end result! I think they will really pop off the brown suits the guys will be wearing!


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