Deal or Steal?

I am so excited about this weekend find that I couldn’t wait to post about it! I went furniture shopping yesterday with my parents and we found this local furniture store that was going out of business with “SUPER LOW PRICES YOU CAN’T RESIST,” as advertised all over TV and the radio for the past few weeks, so we dropped in to check it out and see how well we could resist. What a challenge that turned out to be. It was unbelievable  the way they seemed to be giving away furniture!!! They lady that was helping us kept telling us what great deals we were getting but I felt like we were stealing this furniture right out from under their feet. I ended up finding the cutest antique table that had been refinished in a turquoise, which is all the rage right now and the magnetic force field between the table and my design sense were too strong to resist. On top of that it was already marked down to 50% off and when I expressed interest in buying it, the woman gave it to me for ANOTHER 50% off. it was RIDICULOUS. I couldn’t resist buying it. So, needless to say, while I do NOT have an apartment to place all these wonderful finds in, when I get one. the decor is going to be out of this world! So, here it is, the steal of a deal I could not refuse the opportunity to purchase!


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