Skirting the Issues

The issues of the wardrobe that is! Dress it up, dress it down, wear it with tights or show a little leg. Skirts are the perfect wardrobe staple for every season, every event, and everyday wear. Curious why? Well, I will tell you!

10 simple skirts in your closet, a few patterns, a few colors, and that STAPLE black pencil will provide a plethora of outfit options.

Take these two skirts for example. Pair it with a frilly top and cardigan for work, or a cute T for weekend wear, go matchy matchy with a monotone look and break it up we a belt and some bright accessories. SO many options, and its super cute!

Or maybe your office is a little more formal, or you need an option for that hot dinner date, a pencil skirt in a variety of colors is sure to spice up any outfit, who DOESN’T love a pop of color!? And, not matter how you style this skirt you always look classy.

And, then there is the patterned skirt, not as versatile because people are going to remember a great pattern, but its an AMAZING way to change it up every once in a while and patterns today a to die for! Here are a few of my favorite patterned skirts.

So there you have it, no reason to continue to skirt the issue of your wardrobe woes, hop to it and get these fantastic staples in your closet IMMEDIATELY! A few pencils, a few aline, ruffle skirts, and don’t forget the patterns, and boom, you’ll take your everyday wear from drab to fab in no time!


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