Keys to the Kingdom

Ok, so I might not HAVE the kingdom yet, which means I definitely don’t have the keys, BUT when the time comes, I will definitely have somewhere to hang them! Another great craft moment inspired by interest AND a frame sale at Hobby Lobby yesterday when I went in to pick up some paint and other supplies for… other projects that will later appear here, for you to read about. Obviously, always thinking about you guys, and never about the looming possibility that my stockpile of craft cash is slowly dwindling down to nothingness, ok not nothingness, but it is much smaller than when I first started this blog….maybe I will keep a spare change jar to fund my craft ventures…hmmmm, but thats a post for another day, as the idea is obviously NOT fully developed. Nonetheless, here is the craft item upon which this post is based, probably the easiest $10 craft I have made.

So here is the frame we started out with, I love how rustic it was to begin with! Snaps to Hobby Lobby for keeping a lookout for my  recent obsession with refurbished items. This frame was 50% off as a part of their sale on unfinished frames (aka no backs, glass, or wall hangers) which was perfect for this little project!

So the first step, which came as a result of plan A, which was to just stencil a word onto the inner frame, became to paint the inner frame teal. Yes, shocking, I know, the cheap $2 stencils from hobby lobby mushed paint out the sides and made the words look like poop, so I ended up just painting over them and leaving the inside lower level a teal. I did not like the way the paint took away from the distressed look so I too a piece of sandpaper to it once it dried and roughed it up a bit. Next I added 3 hooks into the top portion of the frame, from which to hang my keys, darling I know, and heres how this step turned out.

Finally a added the words back to the top, which I ended up free handing, because for some reason that always results in a more pleasing way than using stupid plastic letter stencils. Then, improvisation number 2, the word was off center because I forgot to measure and line it up (often the problem with quick and easy projects, you forget the mundane important tasks… like measuring)  So, I added a quick little picture to the side and there you have it, a home for the keys to my eventual kingdom… ooooor just the one bedroom apartment I am hoping to get once I land my dream job in the Queen City, so thats kind of like a kingdom, right?

Ok, so heres the finished project! It took about an hour and a half and cost like 10 bucks, but its cute, so you should give it a whirl!


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