Paint Party

I went with my friend to one of those “Paint this picture” classes where you go and pay a flat fee and you get a canvas, and all your supplies and someone teaches you how to make a replica of some painting they have already created. While at this class I learned a few things about myself. Primarily that my life is lame, as I did this on a Friday night as a form of entertainment, which is unacceptable for a young twenty-something like myself, fresh out of college. Secondly, that craft time, at least in MY world cannot be regulated by others and their desire to move forward or wrap up the class before my obvious creative genius has had the opportunity to fully express itself. Also, I enjoy the serenity of silent craft time, with no one asking me questions about my canvas or rushing me along or trying to make me understand something OR asking if I need help painting, no, in fact, I do not want to pay $20 for you to complete my project for me, thank you. Ok, I mean don’t get me wrong, it was fun, and we had a cute little painting, but I also think that I could have created potentially a similar painting for a much cheaper price on my own, so its like I paid $20 for the idea… and the pretzels I ate. So, I also learned that I could do this and scam people by selling my craft ideas and cheap supplies at a mark up and then just teach them how to make them, but then I would get annoyed, and have a lot of the same crafts, which would pretty much ruin my blog. But anyways, here are the pics me and my friend painted, I think they turned out pretty well. Mine is the one on the right… with the huge freakin dot on it, because I was listening to the instructor talk and didn’t realize how HUGE I was making it…. another issue with craft time distractions. Oh well, at least you all were entertained with the story.  My friend Ginny’s is the one on the left. She did a much better job of painting her dots to be proportionate to the rest of her art work. Clearly the much better multitasker.


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