Movement Mondays- Double Dipping

Ok, thought it was time to update you on my recent dance happening, so,  heres two pieces of my recent choreography, the first is a class combo we did last week to a fun up beat song, if you need a little cheering up on this drab monday back in the office. The song is Valerie by Amy Winehouse, annnd I just like it! The second is our performance from last weekend for a local public education benefit, its much more slow and…. exasperating, I actually feel like I am watching myself move in slow motion, its weird, but nonetheless, the girls worked hard on it so I told them I would post it, and because I also handmade the costumes so its  a double whammy for my creativity, right?!?! So enjoy your Movement Mondays, and happy dancing!

1. Valerie Combo:

2. Concrete Wall Performance:


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