Inspired Design

Often when I am inspired by a craft I see somewhere else, I try my best to recreate it to a T, however, this most recent project turned into something completely different all together. I have decided that I never choose a project that could be simple in execution and take a couple of hours, I always manage to pick things that result in my needing a few days to complete, AND result in statements of my hatred for the project OR my desire for it to be completed without my participation, however I always manage to finish them, AND like them. So thats a plus, I guess. Anyways, I am going to post the inspiration project, and then my project so you can see how it obviously morphed into something completely different. Probably as a result of my perfectionist tendencies and my lack of ability to create block letters in script. Depressing, I know.


Ok, so mine isn’t super different. It uses the same principle. Create a textured background with one focal point that is a word. The changes started when I wanted to stick to my neutral color scheme, so, as all good craft projects do, this one started with a trip to Michael’s, where I found my background items on sale! They are recycled paperboard cut into flower shaped pieces and they are in various shades of brown, which is perfect. After a few days of tedious work gluing the flowers on one at a time, I had covered the canvas with the exception of the word. After completing it, I did not like the way the word was situated on the canvas, I didn’t like that the letters weren’t perfectly symmetric, and that they seemed to be lost in the sea of paperboard punches. So, in my infinite wisdom, I decided painting the word teal to help it jump of the canvas was a good solution. This turned out to be entirely false. The bright color highlighted all the imperfections I hated before (that others refused to acknowledge, for whatever reason) and made them 10 times more noticeable, so I took back to gluing and covered the entire canvas in the paperboard cutouts. Then, I racked my mind for a creative slogan to slap across the center of the canvas. That turned out badly, as my inner granny settled on the word “Welcome” however, this little canvas with its perfectly symmetric wooden letters, painted teal, will go perfectly with my new teal table I bought a few weeks ago. You know what they say, alls well that ends well, right?

So, here is my project:

Not quite a replica of the inspiration, but hey, anyone can copy, it takes a true artist to create (not that Im an artist, I just say things like this to make myself feel better) Happy crafting!


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