Whirlwind of a week

I didn’t die. I am sure some of you are wondering, since I have been blowing up your social media outlets almost everyday for the past couple months and seemed to have mysteriously dropped off the face of the planet this past week. No fear, I have just been having one of those hectic life moments filled with a full forced shove of my life into big girl world. In the past week  I have attended a second interview for a job, which I was offered, and have since accepted (sigh of relief) in Charlotte (yes that does mean my blog will soon be over come with posts of me decorating my new humble abode and stories about my life changes. Sorry bout it. Then after that I headed to Greenville, where I was in one of those GINORMOUS wedding with all the wonderful festivities to boot, for my college roommate Lauren, who undoubtedly was a stunning bride. Then I came home and almost died from exhaustion (not really, but  I have never been so happy to lay in my own bed). Then on Monday I unloaded and sorted through my storage unit to see what I have that is acceptable to take with my to the real world (aka not my crappy college metal shovels from my college dorm room freshman year) and that took a ridiculous amount of time and energy then yesterday I spent aboouuuut 6 hours apartment hunting in charlotte, which I thought would be fun and turned out to be more of a chore and a stressful one at that. People are so pushy, and I am soooo indecisive. Needless to say, I am not sure I accomplished a lot yesterday. Nonetheless, this is my list of excuses regarding my extended absence. Ok, now to the feature presentation, I am sure all of you want to know about weddings, because everyone loves a wedding!

So, the party started on Friday morning at a Bridal brunch with delicious food and cute gifts, and drinks, of course! It was at an old house in Greenville, which was so cute, and perfect for the giant bridal party and all the brides family to wine and dine together!
Then we spent the day hanging out, getting our nails done, shopping for dresses, watching our new favorite youtube video (aka our theme song for the weekend), skip the first 1:45 if you value your time and desire to see only comedy. And then, of course we spent an unfortunate amount of time avoiding the monsoon that descended upon the upstate throughout the day. Then we headed to rehearsal (which was pretty seamless for having an army of bridesmaids and groomsmen to organizes, snaps to the wedding planner) and the rehearsal diner. The dinner was delicious, prepared by the grooms brother. The drinks were much needed and the fondue dessert was just what the doctor ordered. Then the water works started as a series of speeches and a slideshow had the bride and groom in a teary mess, which I am convinced never really stopped until the wedding was over.

So, note to self, water proof mascara, tissues, and acceptance of myself crying in public are things I need to get before my wedding day, whenever that is.

Then it was home to bed, and an early AM wakeup call to prepare for the big day. After hair and make up were done, all we had left to do was calm the bride and her wedding day jitters… clearly not as simple as it sounds.
Then we were headed for the ceremony, which went off without a hitch, and even brought a few tears to my eyes as two of my favorite people shared their promises of a life of love and dedication to each other with a room full of about 300 of their closest friends! They were perfect, and they clean up pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Then we had group pictures…. which was great except the parts where no one knew what was going on, resulting in shots like this…fail.

But, we finally got it right, resulting in almost panoramic shots of the entire wedding party (just because there wasn’t enough space in a normal frame for all of our awesomeness)…. like this!

(I do not own the rights to this picture, it is owned by Jonathan at Magnolia Studio in Greenville, SC)

Then we were finally released from captivity to enjoy the epicness of  the open bar and the dance floor. And there was dancing…


… and more dancing

until THIS little gem showed up to pick up the bride and groom, providing probably one of the funniest moments of my life, considering they were completely clueless about said vehicle until it showed up at the door… PS the picture does not do it justice, nor does it capture the LASER LIGHT SHOW that came from underneath the car. HAH!

Yep, this is what wedding winning looks like.

Thanks to Lauren’s other bridesmaids, family, and Facebook friends who were kind enough to document this event for her, as I was selfishly enjoying the party (foops!) Congratulations to Lauren and Caleb and best of luck on a wonderful and happy life together! Thanks for letting us all be a part of your awesome day! Love you guys!


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