Home Sweet Home

Sorry my blog has not been filled with new craft ideas or delicious meals I have been trying lately! My recent life changes and updates are allowing me to have many more life adventures to share, and are taking away from the time I spend at home slaving away with a paint brush or spatula in hand. Fear not, I just got a new apartment and will be moving in and decorating for a while so the promise of such events should tide you over for a few weeks, and next week is the Masters (the culmination of everything southern and fabulous) so I will be blogging about such things as preparing for our party or my favorite Spring recipes, etc. But, for now, I am beaming with excitement at the thought of having my own space, entirely to myself to decorate and do with, whatever I please! Its almost like the “white room challenge” on HGTV except its over 700 sq. Ft of space I get to create and personalize and I can’t wait (maybe I missed my calling as an interior designer haha!) But the space is great, lots of opportunities for lots of things!

This is my den, which is larger but I couldn’t get the right angle to show all the space haha! But to the right side of the kitchen is a dining area, which is gonna be perfect for my little table and chairs! And for my den I got a Steal on this sofa (if you can’t tell, I like to bargain shop and then amaze people with the deals I am able to snag! So this sofa was originally almost $1600, but I went to a furniture store going out of business and they sold it to me for $499 and it folds out into a queen sleeper and has a serta mattress inside it. WINNING, and the pillows were included. The orange ones might not stay in the den but may make an appearance in my bedroom. The neutral ones aren’t my style at all, so I’m just going to…. accidentally forget to but them out. But other than that, im obsessed with this couch and can’t wait to put it in my apartment!

Then this is the little kitchen which has tons of storage and is perfect for entertaining because its not blocked off from the sitting areas. Win! 

Then my bedroom is ginormous, sorry I couldnt get the right angle to show it, I was also trying to show to awesomeness of the in unit laundry area which is IN THE BEDROOM, so you don’t have to drag crap all over the apartment when you are wanting to wash clothes, etc. Another plus for my new space. thank ya thank ya!

Then I have a huge bathroom, which is a plus if you have company or have friends over and people are trying to get ready to go out. People wont be bumping into each other trying to get ready, and there is enough space to have a little storage area for towels, since there is not a designated lenin closet.

And speaking of closets!!!! This one is large enough to put an extra bed in, and that is not even a joke. i dont think I have enough clothes to fill this one up, but I am sure I won’t struggle to make it happen. I will definitely be spoiled by having this monstrous space to keep EVERYTHING I own!

So, this is my blank slate, stay tuned the next couple months as I transform it into my new home! I move in at the end of April, so crafts are sure to be in the works the next couple of weeks! EEEEEK!


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