Just Chalk it up to Indecision

This project has been sitting on my to-do list for sometime now. I found the frame with my friend Raleigh, while I was visiting Clemson in February. We went to this thrift store called the Jamaican Mission, this place had tons of great finds, and the prices were even better. When I bought this frame, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, but I kept finding reasons not to work on this, or didn’t have all the supplies I needed most of the time when I would sit down to work on it. Lets just saying preparation was NOT my forte for this project. Then I couldn’t decide how I wanted to paint it, or what I wanted it to look like. I knew I wanted to up cycle the frame to a chalk board, but the finish on the wood was something I struggled with. I thought about just painting it a solid color, but thats too boring for me preference. Then I thought maybe I would do a crackle finish, but these things never materialize as planned and the tips I found on a blog about using Elmer’s glue didn’t create the desired amount or severity of crackle I was looking for and I was NOT trying to spend a ton of money on buying the crackle finnish that they sell. SO, I just settled on my old fall back antiquing plan. Which is fine, because other things in my apartment will have a similar finish, so then hopefully I won’t have a billion textures going on all over the room. Anyways, here is my up cycled picture frame. I think it turned out pretty good, and it will look awesome in my little dining area and be great for writing notes and making lists, which I love!

I started with this frame and did a layer of kilz to cover up the fine paint job that was originally applied to it. You can’t really see in the picture but there is a scroll texture in the gold portion, which is good for the antiquating because the paint will get caught in there. So, after doing a base coat I used a metallic brown paint to serve as the background color for the antique finish. After that dried I used water and cream colored paint to create an antique finish. Use a wet sponge brush and then dip in a small amount of paint. Then, smear the watered down mixture over top of the base coat and wipe away with a wet rag. This will leave white paint in the crevices and then allow you to create a streaked texture. This also helped to tone down the shine of the metallic finish, which was a bit much at first.

To create the chalkboard I used chalk board spray paint on a thick framing mat that I had, you could also use a thin piece of wood, but I didn’t want anything to heavy.Also, if your frame comes with a back (mine did  not) if it does not have a weird texture or nail holes, etc inside it, that would be great to use because you won’t have to have anything cut or cut anything yourself. Once you select your foundation for the chalkboard, apply the chalkboard paint as instructed and then allow it to dry for 24 hours. After I did this I attached the chalkboard to the frame using a staple gun and reattached the hanging wire that was originally on the frame. And ta-da, here it is, my useful, decorative chalkboard, created out of indecision and procrastination…. finally!




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