Twine and Dine

The big move is 8 days away, and to avoid packaging I have created a list of last minute craft projects to ensure that I can have a wonderfully decorated dwelling space… about 8 hours after moving in, with not immediate costs. I will admit it has been nice to slowly work on things and spread the costs over the last 4 months, however, I am ready to hit the ground running on my new life in a new city, with my new job. Awesome. I have almost everything I need furniture wise so I have been working on creating those little touches that turn a house into a home. Cliche, I know, but these things happen. This was something I created to use as a center piece on my table in my dining area. In the words of Gossip Girls Blair Waldorf, “farmhouse chic is so in right now,” which is great because I am obsessed with it, well more so the rustic natural look.  I have been collecting bottles and jars etc because I know you can always reuse them for something and Pinterest is inundated with crafts showing you how to up cycle everything you find laying around your house. I had some old wine bottles because as a recent college grad these are obviously the only acceptable decoration for the top of your kitchen cabinets, I also had an old mason jar I had been keeping my wine corks in while I have been at home since my other container is in storage annnd the jar held the little flower pieces I used to cover the canvas in a previous post. I am sure you are wondering why I am talking to you about my collection of odds and ends, but trust me, were getting somewhere.

See, I told you we were going somewhere with it. I wrapped the jars in a variety of twines and plan to use them as a centerpiece for my kitchen table with some flowers or something in them. fresh or fake, not sure yet, because I do have a soft spot for spending money on fresh flowers every once in a while. I think they just make a space more cheery than the same old paper flowers everyone has stuck in a vase somewhere in their house. This project is easy enough I attached the twine on the bottom of each of the jars fastening it with hot glue only on the bottom layer then I wrapped the twine around the jar about 10 or 12 times and then pushed all the layers down to stack them tightly on top of one another. The Mason jar was probably the most complicated because of the change of the shape near the top, which called for the use of more glue, which causes the layers to not stack as neatly. I added a dot of hot glue about half way up each jar to fasten the twine somewhere other than the top and the bottom then finished wrapping and fastened it at the top. See, easy as pie, and now I have a great neutral AND natural centerpiece for my dining area. woot!


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