Window of opportunity

Another find from my thrifting excursion in Clemson with my friend Raleigh, I picked this old window up for about $4 at the Jamaican Mission in Anderson and attached these jars I already used in my bathroom to the front. I know you are suppose to attach mason jars and blah blah blah so its has that farmhouse look, but I already had these, and my stuff was already in them, AND the rings I bought were too big to hold the small mason jars I would have wanted to use. So, here we are. This project took me 10 minutes, it you can manage to find an old window you like. (Sorry you can kind of see me in the picture, everywhere in my house has too much light to be able to take it without some sort of reflection… unfortunate, I know). Anyways, I used metal rings I found in the plumbing section at lowes and attached them to the base of the window using… the smallest nails ever. I’m not going to lie, I am pretty handy with a hammer and I found this activity to be rather challenging. I had to unroll the metal, while holding the nail in place and ensuring that I did not miss the nail and burst the wind open. Also, because the slots on the rings are oblong I ended up using 3 nails on each, two in the same slot and one in the slot right next to it so that it would wiggle around or twist when I started tightening the ring around the jars. After they were attached I used a screw driver to tighten the bracket around the jars and filled them up and now it looks guuuh-reat! And the only thing left to do is get my dad to hang it to the wall and ensure it will not fall down. Details on how this will happen as soon as I get to my new apartment in 5 daaaays!


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