A little bit of fluff!

I said earlier this week I was finishing up all my last minute craft projects for my new apartment and I wasn’t kidding! I just finished these up today and I can’t wait to make my ginormous king size bed with my luscious bedding and toss these one of a kind pillows right on top to complete my luxurious retreat of a bedroom… at least, thats what I am imagining it to be, the result remains to be seen, obviously. Anyways, I used this little tutorial I found online to make my ruffles, had my grandma stitch up the pillow cases, attached the ruffles, stuffed in the pillows and boom, done. Excellent throw pillows. I am leaving out some of the more dramatic and ridiculous details regarding a few oops and some new fabric, because Im still trying to recover, but nonetheless, here are the fantastic pillows. Also, don’t ask how I made the orange pillow, the answer is I spent WAAAAY to much money on a taffeta fabric that already looked like that… so, here we are. ok, so here is  a little pictorial on how to make the ruffles. 

After you make the ruffles, attach them to the pillow cases. I made my cases out of the same fabric as my ruffles, but you don’t have to. I just folded the fabric around the pillow, pinned it, trimmed off the excess and then stitched up two of the sides (because the fold is one of the seams) and then stitched up half of the final side, leaving room to stuff the pillow in ( make sure you sew them inside out so you don’t see the seams!!!!!!) after this. I attached the ruffles. On one pillow I did the stripes as show above, on another pillow I did a circular pattern. If you decide to do a circular one, start on the outside and work your way in, attaching at the top of the ruffle so that you are sure to lay it down flat as you are attaching it. After the ruffles are attached, stuff the pillow inside and then close the final seam with a close slip stitch and you too can have beautiful textured throw pillows! Happy sewing (ha, that is for sure an oxymoron… at least for me)

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