Movement Mondays- Elephant in the Room

This was Jakob Karr’s audition piece on So You Think You Can Dance a few seasons ago and I just realized that he actually worked with a friend of one of my friends to choreograph it… which is a great claim to fame… right?!?! Not really, but the movement is beautiful and in my Movement Mondays I have realized I don’t just want to be a great dancer, I clearly want to be a man dancer because they have some sort of secret strength and ease of movement that in my 20 years of dancing, I have not been able to recreate. Sad day, but this is great choreography showcased by a phenomenal dancer! I can’t even describe it. I could literally watch it for hours. I kind of forgot how much I loved watching Jakob dance!!! Breathtaking and beautiful!


One thought on “Movement Mondays- Elephant in the Room

  1. Yes – I believe that “Heaven’s Stage and Dance Studio” will allow us to dance like a man. All of us. The thing that always strikes me is the stamina. He doesn’t even look like he’s breaking a sweat! Amazing.

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