Apartment Lovin’

Hello my wonderful followers, I have not forgotten about you. If you have been reading for a while, or know me personally, you are aware that this week was my big move, as I am relocating to start a new job (on Monday!) I am excited to be somewhat settled in and I am venturing out today to try to get my bearings straight and find the necessities (although I already found the Target, which was the first thing on my to-do list when I arrived) such as grocery stores, lowes, good restaurants, pharmacy, etc. Things are slowly starting to come together in my apartment, of course only after we were all able to recover moving ALLL of my belongings including beds, washer, dryer, and sleeper sofa up 3 VEEERRRRY narrow flights of stairs. If it all hadn’t been so frustrating it might have been comical, with the frustration rising every time I remember my original apartment assignment was on the first floor until they realized no one was moving out of the apartment they assigned me, which I found out about two weeks ago when they called to tell me they needed to change my move in date…which I quickly let them know was unacceptable and that I would be arriving with my truck full of my belongings and it would be in their best interest to have somewhere for me to put them for the length of my lease, which they did because the power of persuasion is always on my side (so clearly I will be working with some real geniuses here). Anywho, as things start to come together, I will definitely be posting pictures, but patience is a virtue right? So you guys can wait it out, and plus, things around here are still a little hairy considering last night I decided to pull everything that was still left in boxes out and sort it into piles to be put away….which I then decided I didn’t want to do and went to bed instead. Oh well! Also, the steeple chase is this weekend, so I have a lot going on and will have a lot of things to catch you guys up on! Just wanted to let you guys know I hadn’t forgotten about you, and that I do have big plans to do  looooooots of posts about all the things I love about my new apartment and of course how I incorporated aaaaall the crafts I have been creating for the past few months. Hope you guys have an awesome weekend! Can’t wait to share this new chapter of my life with you!


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