Movement Mondays- Move Passionately

My dance teacher from home posted this on Facebook last night RIGHT as I was scouring the interwebs to find the perfect thing to post about for Movement Mondays! So I am sharing it with you, because I think its a great view about how people create art. As a dancer I know I don’t have the greatest extensions, or perfect turnout. I can’t whip out 20 turns, and balance in awkward positions for ungodly amounts of time, but I am passionate about my craft, whether its creating it through choreography, perfecting it through technique classes, or developing it through conventions and classes outside of my concentration areas, I passionately work towards expanding my dance toolbox! If I can teach people one thing about dance, through my classes or conversations with them its that passion and emotion makes all the difference, in your dedication, in your performance quality, and in your endurance during the worst of classes and rehearsals. I truly believe that Martha Graham totally had it right.  Most people don’t create things because they are overly concerned about getting everything perfect, they create things because they are trying to evoke emotion from their peers, their audience, and the world around them. Martha Graham is an awesome inspiration for dancers everywhere, she totally got it, whatever IT was!

So no matter what you know, or don’t know, just get up and DANCE! Also, shout out to my senior company lyrical class who is having their first class without me since my move, teeeear! I know they will be great! Keep up the hard work, can’t wait to see you guys knock it out of the park at the show (if I can make it!! **fingers crossed**)


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