Steeple Chasin’

This past Saturday was the Queens Cup Steeple Chase in Charlotte, not quite the outrageous event that Carolina Cup has become, but it was just the laid back, fun outing I needed to relax from the stresses of turning my new apartment into the perfect dwelling space in record time. Though the event was a little more low key than I was expecting, our table, and tailgate group or “steeple people” as my aunt and her friends call themselves, certainly were not. We had a themed table which was suppose to dictate our dishes and the types of food we brought, buuuut I have never been a rule follower so my organic and fresh dishes were just adaptations of things that have been hits previously. For example, my “no lettuce salad” became a “steamed edamame and corn salad with fresh squeezed citrus juice” and my boyfriends pimento cheese was appropriately named “roasted red pepper pimento cheese” …annnd my sugar cookies…. well, the floral shape had to suffice for the natural-ness, because none of the ingredients in my homemade sugar cookies were necessarily fresh. Anyways, here is a glimpse of our table, which was be-a-utiful! I take no credit for it, my aunts friend, and the ring leader Marcy pulled it all together, although we did not win first prize for our tablescape, we were a total hit with all the tailgaters around us, who were mostly outfitted with plastic table clothes and chips and dip. We totally looked legit and professional, such an air of class!

We also looked fab, because any good, high class activity requires a high class wardrobe… I mean I wasn’t about to drop $400 on a new lilly dress, but I tried my best to dress the part of the southern high class lady with my monogrammed sun hat and seer sucker dress. Comical story, there were only two guys in our group, my boyfriend and someone else’s husband annnnd they were pretty much wearing the same outfit, which was comical when they first met.

We also actually got to see horses and watch all the races right up agains the rail in the infield. We were so close… people around us were getting mud on them as the horses ran by, it was pretty legit and we did a little betting, my lack of knowledge on the subject was made apparent because I won NO money and was only picking based on the names I found to be most intriguing, which was not the best approach. Although, I did pick a horse for my aunt once and she ended up winning $45…I think i should get a share of the winnings, since she can attribute her decision to my…impeccable choice.

Anywho, all in all it was a great day and a great chance to get away and do something fun in the new place I am calling home these days! I can’t wait to see what the next few months have in store!


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