Home sweet home: The Dinette

TADA! I know you have been anxiously awaiting a sneak peek at my new place, and how I am incorporating all my recent creations into my apartment, well, today is your lucky day, I will be posting the rooms as I complete them and obviously the first to be finished is my dinette. First because I LOVE to cook and eat, and second because I had everything I needed to make this room perfect from the time I showed up at my apartment.

The table was a old one from our family’s lake house, but it goes great with the wicker bottom of the chairs and the neutral colors I was going for, and it was F-R-E-E free, so I love that as well. The painting was an afternoon craft project one day, and gives the space an air of elegance, you know something I always strive for. The chairs were from target and a house warming gift from my parents, and the BEAUTIFUL dishes were hand-me-downs from my aunt and uncle, which is great because they are SOOO nice and they look great in the space. The bottles on the table were featured in a previous post, and I just filled them with fresh flowers to make the table really pop for the first home cooked meal I had in my new apartment on Sunday with my boyfriend, David, and my Aunt Tammy. And the curtains are recycled from a college apartment, and so they will stay there until I get sick of looking at them and have some extra cash to spend on a different set of curtains that I feel are more the look I am going for… like burlap or something! Ya know, a natural fabric. I can’t wait to show you guys the rest of the spaces, as soon as I get them all finished and looking perfect to show off!

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