Home Sweet Home: Bathroom Break!

I know this isn’t the most exciting room, and I didn’t do something SUPER original in here, or paint it some funky fun color, but I took advantage of great storage solutions so things are always at an arms reach. But, that doesn’t mean they have to be all over the counter and floor, which is great because I have a lot of things, but I hate cluttering. So, I have some pictures of the bathroom, but I also have some examples of the storage solutions I had to keep some counter space clear, especially if your bathroom counter is not large at all. Although, my bathroom has GREAT space, if you can really like a bathroom, I think I really like this one. It has counter space for two, but its just for me, which is perfect, because if I am running late and don’t want to clean things up I don’t feel like I am cluttering up someone else’s personal space, because I hate to inconvenience other people just because I am being a lazy slob. OK, so heres the break down of my lovely latrine.

I know, I know. Not my best work, but its an apartment bathroom, what do you expect from me. Despite the less than desirable finishes AND the boring color scheme I do have some pretty legit storage solutions, so just hold tight until we get there, maybe I can inspire you to straighten up the Loo, which I know some people need more than others, as some people are so neat they do not like to keep ANYTHING on the counter tops, and they obviously have storage solved to a T… maybe I can get them to spotlight on my blog, because I find situations like that to be utterly impressive. Not joking.

Anywho, other than this beautiful bathroom decor, here are some different storage solutions you can use to create the perfect surroundings for your throne. (ha! Sorry, I can’t resist all the great alternative words for bathroom. SN: once on a youth trip we were playing mad gab or something of the sort and we had to list all the different names people often give for a bathroom, we only missed 2 of 10 or 12 I think, one was a foreign word, the other was thunder mug… baahhaa! Which we all fondly remember as the THUNDAAAA MUUUUUG. So, now you know that term as well, see this blog is educational and entertaining. You. Are. Welcome.)

So this is my wall hanging storage. I have necklaces on command hooks, which is not as visually appealing as the drawer pulls on a piece of wood, but I had these hooks already and I could hang the necklaces so they wouldn’t get tangled and because I am renting I didn’t even have to worry about putting holes in the wall, so that was great. On the window I attached some glass jars I already had and I am storing cotton balls, cotton rounds, and q-tips inside… mostly because they are light so it doesn’t add much extra weight to the wall. Finally I have a hanging jewelry organizer my mom got me for christmas, which is great because its just on a hook, so I used… a command hook, obviously, to hang it on and it has tons of little pouches to store jewelry and if your traveling or moving, grab it off the wall, roll it up and take it with you, perfect and super versatile. Like I said, most of this stuff is pretty self explanatory, but ya know, some people need a step by step breakdown.

Additionally I have some top notch storage on top of and inside my bathroom counter consul, which is great, because I love storage.
Pictured immediately below is my under the counter storage, so one drawer organizations system and then individual bins for things under the sink. Also all pretty self explanatory, but just thought I’d share anyways, some people are nosy, and some people might think its the best thing ever. In the drawers I just placed drawer organizers from target to put all my make up in, A) so I can find it because it is now organized into groups, and B) to keep my make up bag from cluttering up my sink area. When I travel I can just pick the pieces I need to take with me, throw them in the bag and head out. It also makes getting ready in the morning much easier because I don’t have to dig through my bags to find everything. Perrrrfection. Also, I had tons of little plastic storage containers so I stuck them under the counter and put different things in each on, medicines, hair products, lotions, etc. that way I can find what I need when I need it, with out searching everywhere and digging through a bunch of unnecessary items.

Finally, here are my counter top solutions, all things I already had with the exception of the utensil holder which I got at target for less than $10, and I am using to hold my hair dryer, straightener, curling irons, etc.

I used some mason jars I already had to store hair ties… which I have A LOT of and bobby pins, which I have even more of (they out grew their previous storage solution…thats ridiculous isn’t it?) I also bought this utensil basket to store my hair dryer, curling irons, and straightening iron, which keeps them out and convenient but in an organized manner. Then I poured some floral rocks into an apothecary jar I had left over from my kitchen and stuck my make up brushes in it, which will keep them from getting ruined inside my bag, and will allow them dry out etc, when I clean them…which i need to do, thanks, self, for the reminder!

So, these are some great solutions to typical bathroom woes, they were easy, cheap, and do able for any one looking to spend some time tidying up their morning prep area, which will probably get your day started off a little less hectic and a LOT more enjoyable. Just saying! Stay tuned for more room snapshots, I know your anxious for things like my den and bedroom, but its more fun to keep you reading in anticipation!!!


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