Movement Mondays- Its all coming back

Not a lie: I know this person personally… as in, we are friends, as in I have taken class (at Clemson! holler!) with her and envied her dance life and movement quality (in the same way you will after you see this video) in person, once a week for like a year. Now I just stalk her, JK her sister posted this on FB last week and I snatched it up and have been saving it to share with you now, and trust me this is one minute of your life you will NOT regret giving up, dance lover or NOT. Because if nothing else, the song is baller in itself, and the movement echoes the passion and talent of Celine, so what more could you as for, really?! This is my AMAZING friend Kelsey Sneed, who is currently living in CA dancing her heart out all the time, but how can she not when she moves like this!!?!?! I get goosebumps every time I watch her, she is SO fearless!!! AND so fierce.


One thought on “Movement Mondays- Its all coming back

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