Bedroom Bliss

Ok, this is literally my favorite thing about my apartment, if I could stay in my room all day and not risk being called a hermit, or a creepy loner, I probably would! My headboard was a final project my dad and I did together before I moved out, the bedding is luxurious and wonderful and my nana helped to make my pillows, the dresser is a tag along from my college years, as are all the lamps and pictures frames and the curtains were a fantastic cheap find at walmart of all places… I swear up and down that I will never go there, and I ran in to get a plant and some nails… and there they were. Apparently, shame on me for trash talking them… but not really, they just got lucky!

Gah! Doesn’t that bed just make you want to take a nap?! It does me… but then again that is because it is my bed… and I often sleep in it. Heres another view of the room! Also, lets give that headboard a close up, because my dad worked his butt off to make it, and perfect it, as he is just as much of a perfectionist as I am (so you can imagine how fun it is to do a project with each of us checking up on the others work to make sure it does the final project justice.)

Such workmanship, maybe we should go into the headboard business… but probably not. One was enough for a lifetime. This one will probably be making many life transitions with me, and evolving through several coats of paint.

So, this little pinwheel collage is one of my newest craft projects, AND a painting my friend Katy did for me as a birthday gift last year, with one of my fave quotes ever on it let me get you a close up of that!).

I am obsessed with the these(the pinwheels AND the painting!) They are the perfect accent pieces to balance out the intensity of my headboard on the other side of the room and they aren’t to hard on the eyes either. Also, I know I mentioned using the same dresser I had in my bedroom in Clemson, well I did have to give it a slight facelift. (just a side note, this did use to be a cheap, white dresser from the kids section at Walmart, that I then repainted to be black and got new hardware for, and now for this room, I have updated the hardware again!) Here is a before and after look at how something that simple can give an old piece of furniture a face lift.
I probably should have gotten the clear knobs for all 6 drawer pulls, but you know hobby lobby, they can never have 6 of anything… so you always have to mix and match. Oh well! I figure it looks pretty good, for now!

If you were thinking you reallllly wanted to try your hand at some of the things you have seen in this post, don’t worry I am going to post a tutorial for the pinwheels, as well as one for the headboard my dad helped me make, just in case you are feeling ambitious or have some power tools you want to test out. Also the throw pillows are in a previous post if you’re wanting to check out how to make the ruffles, etc. However, for now, I will just continue to admire my whimsical, luxurious, supa fly bedroom!

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