Organization Station

Compliments of my need for everything to have a place, as well as a need for craft storage, and somewhere to DO all of my craft projects, I bring you my organization station. An all in one storage solution, office space, and craft center. I know I always joked in college about having the “craft corner” in my room where I kept all my crafting supplies and in progress projects, but THIS is the real deal… and entire corner of a room used for mostly crafting. AND did I mention that the entire space in todays post is outfitted by ikea (furniture and lamp), pretty awesome! 

This space is awesome, I can’t even get over how much I like it, and will be using it. Im just glad my dad was here to build it when I bought it, because I can’t imagine that David would have appreciated my assuming he would love to help me out with that little task, although he did build the book case, when it use to be part of my room in Clemson, so I guess he did his fair share.

Like I said, this desk is awesome. It has 16 storage cubes for anything and everything you could EVER want to store. I have drawers in one, a cabinet, and looooots of storage bins, AND it has a huge work space attached to it, that kind of helps to hide the back section of storage so you can keep papers, etc back there and its not an eye sore. Also, please note the diplomas and shadow box that David so kindly hung for me, which I know he did not enjoy. Thank you kindly.

 And here is my ever so useful bookcase, which I have obviously chosen to fill with a library of a different kind, but at least it keeps me from just having piles of crap everywhere, so thats a plus. Also, note the fun little key holder that I featured in a previous post! Yay for practical projects!

Clearly I love organization, and I love for everything to have its place, so this is the perfect little space for my apartment, I know its going to be awesome over the coming months especially when I find more craft projects to work on after I get all settled in.


2 thoughts on “Organization Station

  1. I am very impressed! All of your rooms look great but this is my favorite area. I see great projects coming from here.

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