Saturdays at the Metrolina

This weekend I ventured out in the hunt of a few more amazing finds to take my apartment from pretty good to perfection, in my eyes at least. AND, just my luck, it was the first weekend of the month which means it was the antique show at the Metrolina Expo in North Charlotte aka a giant game of chance where people can bring all their junk OR awesomely refurbished items for you to pick up at a price that some might consider a steal, or sometimes people are overly confident at the craftiness of their work and they manage to offend you with the number they throw out to purchase their items. I try to avoid these people. While I did find some great items, I was a little miffed to find that I was charged a $5 admission to get in to LOOK at all these items from all these different dealers who are already paying to rent their booth or building. I felt like I was getting shafted, lets put it this way: if someone charged you admission to the mall, how angry would you be? Pretty mad. Thats what this was like. Anyways, after I got over my having to pay an entry fee, I managed to locate a few good items, and some potential finds for next month, or at least a better road map to know which places to look and which ones to avoid.

There were so many furniture dealers or refurbishers, or whatever you want to call them that the experience was almost overwhelming. I will say that this was some of the better furniture I saw, I mean some of it was just… horrible, not even worth spending the money to fix up because of the condition, missing corners, drawers, etc. But a lot of the people who spend their time an effort on these pretty pieces are definitely looking for you to pay up when you’re ready to buy them. Honestly, when I see things like this I honestly think, well I can get my hands on the right piece of old furniture, I could make that, which is a great deterrent for making impulse purchases, and a great way to ensure I will not run out of things to blog any time soon!

Then there were what I like to call knick knack dealers…. these are the people that always suck me in!!! They have all these great accessories and crafty decor items. I never want to buy their items I always want to figure out how to recreate them! Clearly you are seeing a pattern here… I don’t shop for items, I shop for ideas, which is probably why I love Pinterst so much. Its crawling with creative solutions, good and bad, and I love that! So anyways, I find myself in all these booths picking up things and trying to figure out what they are made of and how they are held together, pinted, etc. For example, not that I would ever WANT this but I saw these lamps that were made of lots of tea kettles and tea cups and saucers stacked on top of each other. They looked like something RIGHT out of Alice in Wonderland, which is great, if you’re into that kind of home decor… I am not. I like shabby chic, a little old mixed with a little new. So obviously I liked this little coat rack!

Ok, I don’t really know what category to even classify this guys booth in. He had baskets and chairs, that was pretty much it. And the worst part was I ENJOYED looking at it, despite the fact that I knew I would never buy it… or even want it. His booth was what i wanted to refer to as a distractor. I was preventing me from being able to move forward with my shopping experience and promoting my lack of productivity with his junk. Honestly, this whole Expo experience was a sensory overload. I mean there was so much stuff there and I HAD to see it all, it was like I knew I might find a diamond in the rough if I just looked hard enough so I refused to leave until we had see EVERY building and booth. Needless to say we spent a few good hours wandering aimlessly through piles of peoples old stuff.

AND THEEEEN I FOUND THESE! To you, they are just nasty old burlap sacks… supplies for camp and carnival games (potato sack races… in case you were struggling with the reference). But, to me they are the perfect solution to amp up the look of my dining room wind treatment. Most people I was trying to explain this to as I was buying it were having issues understanding what I was talking about, how this was going to work, etc. Clearly they are not the visionary decorative GENIUS that I am. yay me. Anyways, they were $6 a bag, and I needed four, but because of my creativity and excitement the lady inside the building sold them to me for $20. winning! a whole $4  savings. Thats not really the impressive part. The impressive part is that it actually worked and for $20 I have a window treatment more visually interesting and original than some people have for $60 or $80. And it looks so cool I love the texture! What do you think!?!

Ok, enough about me and my apartment,  back to my findings at the Metrolina

 Then there was mooooore furniture, so much furniture, which really helped to shorten the experience because I knew A)I was not looking for it and B) I had no way to transport it ANYWHERE even if I did want it. BUT, I loved this and had to share it with you. Great craftsmanship and awesome refurb! I mean I don’t even know what room this would go in, but its awesome and I love it!

Also, if you’re into the farmhouse fab or whatever you want to call it, they had TONS of old doors and windows for all your creative decor solutions and they were a great price. Good thing my apartment is mostly done, because if it wasn’t I would have bought some sort of window or door for every blank wall and boring room in my apartment, and it would have been SO bad!

 Finally, I found this. It was super expensive but it was innovative, and awesome. Probably my favorite thing I saw all day. I couldn’t stop looking at it, I am sure the guy thought I was going to buy it… but not in this apartment… and not for that price. Its so cool though! The two tiers are made of old key holes, it would look so awesome over a farmhouse table in a dining area. One day I will own an awesome chandelier like this one, but my $26 worth of finds at the Expo left me feeling happy and accomplished, AND like a bargain hunter, so its probably best that I did NOT purchase such an item!

And, if you were paying attention you will notice that I said I had $26 worth of finds, so you’re probably wondering where that other $6 came from. Well I found an old pail to keep my nail polish in, it looks much better with my bathroom decor than my little plastic one I had used until I found the perfect solution. Although the lady in the booth kept trying to sell me on using it as a planter… No, thanks. I think it works well for my purposes!


3 thoughts on “Saturdays at the Metrolina

  1. This looks like a FUN place to go…. and I sooooo do the same thing as you (shop for IDEAS and figure out how I can make things). 🙂 I love your curtains!! Great bargain!

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