Happy 100th blog post to me! haha Sorry, I know thats kind of vain, but a few short months ago… ok more like 5 or 6 months ago, this blog was just a figment of my imagination and a random side conversation between my friend Katy and me for a few weeks. Now, here we are 100 posts later and theres no looking back! I am excited to have shared my past 100 posts with you and even more excited at the prospect of sharing the next few hundred. I actually find it fitting that I am moving into this new level of my blog as I begin a new chapter in my life, with my first career steps, in a new city, trying to make it on my own! The next hundred posts look to be veeeery interesting! But don’t worry, you will still get all the same great things you always come here for, a little sarcasm, some decent dinner ideas, a crazy craft or two, and of course, my opinion on it all, good or bad! Oh, and we can’t for get the Dancing (well I can’t, because I love it!!) If you’ve been following me all along, thanks for the support, and if you’re new(er) I hope you continue to find what you’re looking for here at C P and B!

Heres to the first hundred, and all the others that are sure to follow!

Thanks again for all your support! See you Monday for #101!


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