Movement Mondays – TOKYO

This choreographer creates some of my favorite pieces, for two reasons. 1. They are ingenious in their musicality (which as a dancer and a  player of musical instruments I very much appreciate) and 2. He doesn’t follow the trends (aka he uses mostly instrumental music and can create a storyline worth getting into in the same way that other choreographers do with songs with lyrics…which kind of aids in the storyline) Also, I really like the mix between soft and harsh movement. Oh! I haven’t even told you who this is, his name is Tokyo, obviously, because that is the name of the post. This is one of the more recent pieces he choreographed as a solo, but I am also going to post a group number of his on there because he does such a great job making everything flow together. I think it is contemporary with hints of traditional performance quality in it, and maybe that is what I love about it… OR that I am not distracted by anything (such has how much I do or don’t like the singer, or the lyrics to the song, and whether or not I think the movement style fits the song, etc). Anywho, here are some great pieces from Tokyo!

#1 Chances, performed by Briar Nolet

#2  Traffic – performed by the Tokyo Company in 2010


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