Pie in the Sky

Like any young person, I love a good pizza, served up with an ice cold beer. However, I don’t want to order pizza and get some greasy mess, and sometimes I don’t even want red sauce on my pizza, I am actually a HUGE fan of white pizza, more so after a great night downtown, and ESPECIALLY after it is from Clemson! So, my in home solution to not being able to get this pizza with ease any longer was to take to the kitchen and create my own version. Mine is a little different because its more than just the cheese and seasonings, but I love it nonetheless!

This one has cheese, spinach, and mushrooms on it, but I like to change it up by adding other fresh veggies that are in season! For the base I use a light coating of extra virgin olive oil on the crust, then bake it at 425 for about 2 or 3 minutes. When I remove it from the oven I cover the entire crust with a ricotta cheese mixture (ricotta cheese, chopped garlic, parsley or basil or italian seasonings) after I cover the crust I then place fresh spinach leaves on top of that, then chopped mushrooms and any other veggies I might want to add (tomatoes, onions, peppers, etc) and then cover the whole thing with cheese and then add dollops of ricotta cheese, because those are delicious! I use one of those personal size pizza crusts, which is great for me when I am just eating alone and I am not interested in having left overs. I love pizza with ingredients that I know are fresh… this would probably relatively healthy if I wasn’t covering it in all kinds of cheese, but cheese is SO good! Anyways, I know this is a super simple meal, etc etc, but some people just need a little motivation! Also, its great for kids or families that have different tastes, everyone can make a pizza personal to them without wasting ingredients or fighting over what toppings to get on their homemade pie, so its a solution to many problems: hunger, portion control, and the every popular family feud in the kitchen. Happy cooking and enjoy!!!


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