Playful Pinwheels

As mentioned in a previous post, here is the how-to for the pinwheels I made to hang on one of the walls in my bedroom. It was pretty simple, really. I’d have to say that the hardest part was picking out the paper I wanted to use and making sure the creases were JUUUUUST right for my perfectionist desires. But, if you didn’t catch the previous post, here is a glimpse of the final product, and then I will break down all the need to knows to help you create this to your hearts desire!

The process to make them is pretty easy and all you need is scrapbooking paper, or whatever kind of paper you are wanting to use (colored, white, anything), some kind of glue (I used hot glue, as usual) and then a decorative thing for the center (rhinestones, buttons, scrapbook decorations -which is what I used, or anything that you can easily glue to the center)

First I selected my papers and decorative pieces for the center, and then began folding and cutting to make the pinwheels different sizes, following the steps of the picture diagram below!

After I finished the pinwheels I attached thumbtacks to the back of each and pressed them into the wall. So it should look like this!

These are pretty simple to make if you have the time to put in to folding all the paper, but they are great decorations for a party or a whimsical room, or a wedding! And, I have even seen them strung together as garland, so they are really multifunctional. Also I probably only spent like 5 or 6 bucks to make the whole collage, because the pages were $0.50 each and the the center decorations were about $2 for a pack, and I had a few extra of those, so if I decide I want to make a few more, I definitely can! But if you were doing something for a party and you wanted them all the same color, you could even use printer paper, then who knows how many you can make! See, told you this was a great project!


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