The woMAN cave

Ok, so, I realized the other day, that for those of you who are following the decorating of my new placed I totally jipped you a room, perhaps my most important room! My den, or my woMAN cave, as I jokingly like to call it…I mean lets be honest, it kind of is. If a man cave is the epitome of everything that men represent (primarily sports, TV, and beer) then this is the culmination of all the things I love (primarily, crafts, papasan chairs, and fun decorator items) So, here is the final room I have to share with you, my den!

Things you might recognize from this room….. a lot of things, if you have been following me for a while… The first is my refurbished lamp, featured in a post a few months ago, visit the craft time page to see how I made it or to check out how I made the puff balls in the corner (something you might also recognize) OR maybe you recognize my sofa from when I mentioned getting it as a steal at that furniture store that was closing own in Augusta, the same goes for that great little teal accent table. OR maybe you remember the days I spend sanding and refinishing that old trunk that I have turned into an awesome coffee table?? No, well, then you have some catching up to do, ya better hit up the archives, you might find some great crafty ideas, and money saving tips.

As for that decorative piece having above my sofa. I’m already over it. I never quite got it to look the way I wanted AND to top it all off it fell off the wall the other day and now its just hanging there looking a shambly mess of cut up toilet paper rolls while some of the mirrors are laying in the floor. I haven’t even managed to pick it up yet because I am still so annoyed by the fact that is just…. fell off the wall despite my wonderful efforts to try to make it work, you know by using my cure all…. hot glue. The worst part was that when I hung it I thought to myself, hmmm I wonder how long I can make it before this thing falls off the wall and shatters… I guess I got lucky because there were no broken mirrors (so hopefully that saves me from bad luck in the future) but I do have the sad misfortune of figuring out how to rework it and make it worth the nails I put in the wall… more coming on that!

Other than that sad misfortune, I like to think that I have done a pretty jam up job of making myself a cozy little place to relax during my down time! Now I just have to figure out what else I am going to craft, since my place is pretty much done… maybe I can commission out my skills for friends… and then blog about it! haha, who knows. I do have a few projects on the brain, I just haven’t gotten around to them, but not to worry, I won’t let my paint brushes miss me too long! Ok, off to relax on my steal of a deal sofa, or maybe to lounge in my favorite papsan chair. :::sigh::: such decisions!


One thought on “The woMAN cave

  1. you should try the command strips picture hangers. they’ve worked perfectly for everything i’ve needed to hang without putting tons of holes in the walls.

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