DIY Headboard

If you have been following for a while, I am sure you remember my mentioning I would bring you a tutorial on that awesome headboard my dad built me for my new apartment, well this is it. If you have ambitious dreams, a lot of spare time on your hands, and an immense amount of patience, and a friend with power tools, then this could be this could be your DIY dream project. If not, well…. when you find all of those things, you will be prepared!
Remember this? Well, you might be surprised to know that it started out as THIS…..

The entire headboard is built around this frame, which is what was used to mount it to the wall…. in several locations because it ended up being kind of heavy. My headboard was 80in long and 40in tall (for a king size bed), I believe. I wanted it to be pretty tall and still have some space for the bottom of it to rest below my mattress, so before you start I definitely recommend taking a measuring tape to your bedroom and playing with heights so you know what you’re looking at before you get started. So to build the frame we had to two longer pieces for the top and the bottom, and then the outside edges and an extra support in the middle. Additionally we used a second piece on the top to create a lip that would be flush with the back of the headboard, but would hang over on the front to create a…ledge I guess is a good word for it. So, after that, we moved to this:

We used a thin piece of wood cut to pitt flush on top of the frame we made and then right up against the over hang and fastened it with small nails. Next we attached decorative molding to give the top some detail. I used two different types of molding because… when the headboard is over 3 ft. tall, you need something a little larger, so heres how we got that:

 I used a traditional molding with a little bit of curve to it and then a decorative rope molding on top of that which sat flush underneath the overhang we created, so after attaching them together and making sure that they were peeeeeerfectly arranged we got this

 Then it was time to attach the 4 squares, which we used toe molding to make. It was just a very simple trim, nothing too fancy, just enough to add some dimension AND create the divisions for the decorative pieces! Attaching these was kind of a chore, and we had some struggles with nails coming out the side or not going all the way in because the molding was rounded, so just a little warning for when you get to this party, slow and steady wins the race! After you get them all spaced equidistant and have them attached, you should have something that looks similar to this. Additionally, these squares should be proportionate to the decorative pieces you use.

Speaking of decorative pieces, I am sure you are all wondering how I got those awesome little cutouts. NO, I did not stand around and hand make those. They are PVC cutouts that I ordered from Overlays and they have TONS of different options with varying prices. Mine were $10 a piece, which was pretty much the top dollar I was willing to spend, so, these are the ones I got.
Before painting the headboard and the decorative pieces we filled all the nail holes with wood putty and sanded it down. Then we painted the headboard a teal blue, sanded to make it smooth and painted it again (yes, that was paint, sand, paint) This process took a few days, and the molding wasn’t necessarily the easiest thing I have ever painted either. But once we painted it it looked awesome!
 beware of bugs that will fly into the wet paint, get stuck and make you angry 😦 On another note, BEFORE  you paint the overlays make sure you kilz them because the paint doesn’t take to the PVC very well, additionally with these, patience is key as well. Patience and a small brush.

After everything was dry and ready to go we attached the cutouts to the headboards using quick dry adhesive  superglue… thing, leaving no room for error when attaching the pieces, so… don’t mess it up!  And once you get everything all squared away it will look like this:

Now, as far as attaching it to the wall, we used dry wall screws, and picture hangers (4 across the top) and two L- brackets on the bottom. These were attached to the wall and then the bottom is attached to the  L bracket to stabilize it on the wall.

So, if you’re feeling ambitious and looking for a way to spice up your bedroom, this is a great project, and I foresee myself using this headboard for an extensive period of time, even it it means repainting it and getting some new overlays or something like that. I mean its one of a kind, so why not get the most out of it!

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